How do you obtain a 95% in Physics in 12th grade?


Nobody is born with a genius. Everyone gets smart and clever by learning a variety of things and practising a variety of themes. For most students, getting high marks in physics is a pipe dream. Good planning and devotion to preparation will assist you in reaching your objective. Even the greatest scorers in all disciplines fall short in physics because it is extremely difficult. To get the best results on the exam, you must thoroughly understand the themes and concepts. Concentrate on all themes and equations while keeping a clear focus on your aim. Improve your score by focusing more on short answer questions.

Plan of Study for Class 12 Physics

In general, students regard physics as one of those subjects in which they believe it is more difficult to succeed than in others. They also place it as the final subject for preparation, however if you follow the precise preparation strategy, you can easily score 95 percent in this topic. Here are few tips and tactics

Divide the entire curriculum into three categories (A, B & C).

The “A” Group must include all of the chapters in which you are perfect and only need to go over before the exam.

The “B” Group must include all of the chapters in which you are not very good and need to revise 2-3 times.

The “C” Group must comprise all of the chapters that you believe are challenging and will take extra time to polish.

Now that you’ve divided all of the chapters into groups, create a timeline based on the divisions.

Reduce the amount of time allotted to A and B groups and increase the amount of time allotted to C group chapters. Because you are finding it challenging, you will need more time and concentration for those chapters.

If you have any questions about the Group C chapters, ask them right away using a variety of resources such as online videos, lecturers, friends, and so on.

This exam preparation advice can help you earn more points in the exam since you will know which chapters to focus on and which ones to skip.

Tips for Getting Good Grades in Exams

Cover all of the points in your descriptive answers, and try to elaborate on all of them carefully. At the start, attempt all of the questions you know properly because you have the opportunity to make a good first impression on the examiner. Use as many graphs and pictorial illustrations as you need to fully clarify your solution. Maintain the answer sheet neatly and limit the number of strikes and underlines. Be succinct and to-the-point while answering short-answer questions.

Plan and Techniques for Class 12 Physics Preparation

As previously stated, you must split the syllabus and then seat to begin your preparation. Before you begin the preparation, you must first complete a few stages.

1. Examine your handwriting

Along with your preparation, your handwriting is important in achieving a grade of 90 or higher in physics. Concentrate more on your handwriting because it makes a first impression on the paper. Because the scrutinizer cannot see your face, your first impression is everything. If you want to be a top student and get good grades, then every single mark is important. This is one of the solutions to your concern about How do you obtain a 95% in Physics in 12th grade?

2. Make your textbooks look like the Religious Book

In today’s environment, every student prepares only via the use of guides and study resources. However, textbooks play an important function in covering every single point. If you have textbook knowledge, you can quickly tackle some of the most common or difficult problems on the exam paper. Textbooks are an excellent resource for expanding your knowledge and preparing for competitive tests. If you are extremely concerned about passing the examination, go for the guides and complete them, and then prepare from the reference textbooks after you have completed the entire syllabus.

3. Double-check your Grammar

The majority of students lose marks when they do not use proper language and punctuation. Proper English boosts your percentage and allows you to obtain higher grades. You can easily dazzle the Scrutinizer and gain higher ratings if you use good English grammar. While studying for the Physics exam, you should take as many mock exams as possible and answer all of the questions so that you are aware of any errors such as grammar, punctuation, and so on.

4. Compete against yourself

Compete with yourself first, then with others. As we all know, the best motivator is self-motivated. You must compete with yourself and strive to better every day. Maintain your focus on achieving a physics grade point average of 90 or higher. As you begin to practise and take mock examinations, you will become more aware of your strengths and shortcomings. Each time you take a mock test, you must improve from the previous one and receive higher marks, which will help you score higher in the final exam.

5. Practice previous year question papers:

Most students are not concerned about the pattern of exam thinking that they have studied every pages and that will be enough. But no, Students need to understand the question paper, tally the question paper, understand the question paper, practice the question paper along HC Verma physics solutions class 12. Many times Students are not able to complete the paper, why? Because they had no idea about how the Question Paper is going to be , what type of Question are coming and what type of answers one should write. So it is very important for students to practice previous year question papers.

6. Have Self-Belief! Do not become tense.

Tension is not the answer to your problem. You must, indeed, take the stress-free exam. If you are nervous before the exam, you will lose concentration and may forget some of the answers. Before entering the physics examination hall, sit quietly for a few minutes, meditate if possible, and be confident. Before approaching the examination hall, don’t talk to your pals or reminisce about anything. Maintain your composure and confidence, and you will come out on top.


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