Understanding Florida CAM Renewal and Continuing Education Requirements


Florida is the ideal place to manage real estate. Its resort atmosphere and sub-tropical climate are a real estate haven. Therefore, it’s essential to know what it takes to keep your Community Association Manager (CAM) designation in force.

Doing so will keep you up to date on your career responsibilities and serve as a guideline to maintain your CAM status. The following information will give your further details on continuing educational compliance.

Maintaining Your CAM License

You still have to maintain your CAM license after you receive it by completing continuing education classes online. You must renew your license on even-numbered years after its receipt. The expiration date falls on September 30th of those years. Renewal also entails taking CAM continuing education courses.

You’ll need to take the courses before paying the renewal fee of $105 to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), located in Tallahassee. You can either take the courses as a bundle online or choose to take them separately.

Florida CAM Continuing Education Requirements: What the Training Involves

Florida CAM continuing education requirements include 15 hours of training, or 3 hours for each course taken. You can take five courses in a bundled package or take each course individually, whichever is more comfortable for you if you complete the training before the renewal date.

You won’t have to take the required courses if you receive your CAM after October 1, 2020. However, you still must pay to renew your license before the September 30, 2022 expiration date. 

Featured Continuing Courses

Okay, what courses do you need to take if you’re required to take continuing education?

You’ll need to satisfy the requirements for CAM renewal by taking courses that cover current CAM legislation and cover the best practices used for finance and insurance, human resource management, and preventive maintenance. You’ll need to take an elective course of 3 hours as well.

The continuing education coursework is suitable to have as it teaches you things like dealing with employee disputes or issues or the best ways to collect the money for rent. You’ll also be able to develop your skills in managing a property’s maintenance requirements or handling tenant disturbances.

When a CAM Designation is Required

Property managers must get CAM licenses in Florida if the complex they manage features at least ten apartments or units or the yearly budget is at least $100,000. 

Property owners who hold real estate in planned communities, condos, cooperatives, homeowner associations, apartment complexes, or mobile home parks often hire CAM licensees to oversee their properties.

As a CAM manager, your experience and designation allow you to supervise budgets, administer association funds, place notices for association meetings, handle maintenance requests, and perform the daily responsibilities involved in running a community association.

That’s why it is imperative that professional CAM licensees keep up to date and informed about the correct processes for managing CAM real estate.

Refreshing Your Skills for Professional Growth

Taking the required coursework gives you the latitude to focus on your career while refreshing your CAM skills every two years.


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