Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)


If you have any kind of business that you run whether small or big, it will be important to market the thing you provide. To survive there are products, services and information we need and failure to get them life will not be as enjoyable as it should be. The main aim of any business is to make profits and that comes from having customers to acquire what you provide. Marketing and advertising are the best ways to ensure customers get to know what you sell and attract them to buy from your company. A lot of traffic to your site means many people can see the products you offer and it will be easy to convert them to customers.

Pay per click is among the many methods of advertising available. With PPC advertising any time a person clicks one of your ads in google you will be required to pay a certain fee. PPC uses different platforms to advertise products and services the main ones being Google ads and also Social Media ads. In this article we are going to focus on Google ads. Learn more here

Google PPC

The Google pay per click is a system that enables a business owner to advertise the products or services he has on Google. Many people search for the information and products they need on the Google platform and using the PPC advertising method you are sure to reach so many of them. Using Google PPC you can be sure millions of clients will visit your site inquiring about your products and services leading to a boost in the sales.

How Google PPC works

You will need to pay Google for their services of advertising and that can either be on a daily basis, monthly or even per year if your budget allows. Google will then take the responsibility of making sure that your ads are shown on the search results for different people. Your ads are going to appear either on the top or at the bottom of the search results making it easy for people to see. Is the person doing a search clicks on your ad that is when you are charged from the budget you have set for the day. The amount charged always depends on the cost per click that had been agreed. Depending on the budget set for the day, Google will keep on showing your ads until that limit is achieved. If the budget has been depleted, Google will stop showing your ads and the services will resume the next day.

Merits of using Google PPC

Working on your budget

It will not matter how large or small the budget you have is when it comes to using Google ads. Google will only charge you if your ads have been clicked and the cost is not that expensive. With less money you are eligible to get some traffic to your site. You are the one to set the budget for an ad and the maximum amount to be used per day.

Quicker results

When using Google ads you can see the results much quicker as compared to using search engine optimization. With SEO you can take a long time to see your page being among the ones at the top and at times you may never get to see that happen. Google ads will make it easier and fast because your ads will pop up on search results at any time.

Massive reach

Everything you need to know can be found on Google and all you need to do is search the keywords on the site. Many people trust and use Google each day to get solutions to different problems they have. The ability of the site to offer the needed results make many people all over the world use it often. When you choose to use Google PPC you are sure to reach lots of people.

Easy to measure and track

There is the Google analytics and Ads tool that you can use to measure and track your ads progress. All stats for the ads you have will be displayed for you to see. Comparing Google ads with other advertising methods this one is direct and clear.

In summary, you have a better chance to attract more customers when you are using the Google PPC to advertise your products and services. Google PPC will bring a lot of success to your business within a short time and you will not end up spending a fortune in the process.


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