What Do People Vape Cannabis For?

Vape Cannabis

Vaping is a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. And now that recreational cannabis is legal in many parts of the world, cannabis vapes are becoming a popular alternative for smokers. In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons why people vape cannabis. Read on! 

Vaping Cannabis

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes don’t burn leaves to make smoke. Instead, they use small metal coils to heat juices and substances until they evaporate. You can then inhale them. When it comes to vaping cannabis, you’ll typically encounter the following types of vaporizers: 

  • Herb Vaporizers: these vapes sport a chamber where dried cannabis flowers are placed. As the flowers are heated, the active compounds in them are combined with the concentrated vapor. 
  • Oil Pens: an oil concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant is added to the oil pen. The cannabis oil is often cut with other carrier oils, such as hemp. As a result, oil pen cannabis vapors are less potent than wax pens but more potent than herb vaporizers. 
  • Wax Pens: cannabis wax is a semi-solid substance extracted from the plant with high concentrations of compounds. The wax itself is bought separately from the vape. Because of its potency, most users consider it the most efficient way to achieve the desired effects. 

Vapes in general come in different forms, sizes, and shapes. You can even find a disposable vape in the market. The following are among the common benefits that people get from vaping cannabis. 

Reduce Carcinogens 

Cigarettes contain carcinogens that may cause cancer, such as ammonia and tar. These substances go to the lungs when inhaling cigarette smoke. At the same time, smoking cannabis also involves combustion. As such, it may also produce toxins. 

Vaping cannabis, on the other hand, reduces the chance of inhaling dangerous substances. Studies suggest that carbon monoxide levels in the blood of those who vaped are lower than those who smoke.

No Smell 

Cannabis vaping doesn’t involve combustion. As a result, you won’t smell any cannabis scent. If you want to be discreet, vape pen odors are minimal. They also disappear in a matter of minutes. That means you can keep your consumption hidden if you want. 

Has Better Taste 

Smoking cannabis destroys terpenes, a substance that gives cannabis its scent and taste. Temperatures can get too high and destroy terpenes. 

Meanwhile, the vapor is produced at a lower heat level than smoke. As a result, terpenes stay intact. That adds a burst of flavor to your vaping experience. Vape pens also usually come with settings that you can adjust to optimal levels.

Better Highs 

Vaping cannabis is said to provide better and stronger highs to users. According to researchers, vaping could convert 46% of THC in cannabis to vapor. For comparison, a typical cannabis joint only converts around 25% of THC. 

In other words, a vast majority of THC disappears when you smoke cannabis. Vaping, on the other hand, vaping uses much lower temperatures, preserving precious THC that you can enjoy. 

More Convenient 

Vape pens and other types of vapes are inherently more convenient than joints and cigarette sticks. As the name suggests, vape pens are roughly the length and width of a pen. That means you can carry them anywhere. 

It’s also odorless, so you won’t get any unwanted attention for sporting cannabis scent. Moreover, vape pens don’t have many moving parts. That means you can medicate quickly whenever you want. 

Save More Money 

Buying a vape can be considered an investment, and it’s worth every penny. Smoking cannabis can be wasteful, especially when you’re burning off more than you actually consume. Meanwhile, vaping saves you money since vapor is only produced when you use your vape. 


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