Why Are Explainer Videos Perfect For E-Learning?


Explainer videos are a great way to tell your story and market your products quickly. They’re perfect for e-learning, too. They allow students to watch an intro video before starting their course, which gives them the knowledge they need before studying. Explainer videos are becoming more and more common in marketing for how to sell courses online, but they’re not without their faults. In this article, we’ll go over the best kinds of explainers to use in your e-learning and how to incorporate them into a course. If you make a best explainer video then you also  need to know about how to sell courses online of a good E-Learning explainer video.explainer videos is very essential when selling e-courses online or promoting your products or services. There is no doubt that it will help you tremendously in making the most out of it . We will cover things like what kind of videos to make and integrate them into a course.

What Kinds of Videos are Good For Explainers?

Making a good video is hard. You have to put in a lot of time and effort to make one that engages the viewer and makes them want to learn more. It’s hard to go wrong with an explainer video. We’ll go over the three main types of explainers and how you can include them in your e-learning course:

The first type of explainer video is the introduction video. This video will allow students to get more information before starting their course. This is especially important for courses where you cover many topics in a short period. We’ve all been in courses that take less than an hour, but the information was overwhelming and left us with no hands-on experience. Introductory videos will show you step by step how to complete a specific task, like starting an e-learning course with WordPress or how to collect data using Google Forms. They can even be used as an intro to your course if you would like your students to create their intro videos as a project at the end of the course.

The second type of explainer is the intro video. This is similar to the introductory video, except it’s used before students start their course. These videos are suitable for giving students a feel for the course, such as a movie trailer. You might have students record their intros, which they can then upload to your course, which they can then upload to your course. Nowadays, intro videos are used quite often in marketing strategies. The intro videos also work great as promotional material for your course or company that you can use on other sites like YouTube, social media channels, blogs, etc.

The third kind of explainer is the tutorial video. This video walks through a step-by-step process of completing tasks like making a website or creating content for your course. These are similar to intro videos, except they’re used throughout the course. This allows students to complete specific tasks like choosing a CMS, implementing SEO, and setting up an email marketing campaign. Suppose you’re trying to build an online business from scratch. In that case, these videos will allow your potential customers to learn how you do what you do and feel more comfortable putting in their hard-earned money into your business and learning about it.

How Can I Integrate Explainers Into My Courses?

Integrating explainers into your courses can be tricky. The primary way of doing it is by linking to the video on an instructional screen. However, you can also include a written video at the top and bottom of each page, with a link to access the video in-between. In other words, you can make a video the same size as your screen and include a clickable link to the video in two places in each section of the course.

Nowadays, e-learning courses are being coded more and more with online grids or online lessons plans. This allows students to move through each lesson at their own pace rather than follow correct answers like in older e-learning courses. Some platforms also allow you to add videos to your lessons, which is excellent if you use explainers throughout your course. An excellent alternative to including an explanatory video at the top or bottom of your course is to include it as part of a lesson plan.

How Much Should Explainer Videos Cost?

Explainer videos can vary in cost quite a bit depending on the complexity of your project, several characters and props, and how long you’re willing to wait for delivery. if You worried about how to sell courses of Explainer Videos For example, an introductory 30-second video could run you anywhere between $300-$1,200 depending on where you get it done and who does it for you. For example, if you get the video done by a freelancer, you might have to wait a week or more for them to finish it. Of course, the more complex and time-intensive your project is, the longer it will take. The good news is that most explainer videos are around 10-20 minutes long, so this should be enough time if you’re only doing one video per video.


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