Why You Should Make The Switch From Cigarettes to Nic Salts


Consider nicotine salts if you’re looking for a more pleasant vape experience. Unlike freebase nicotine, the throat hit is smoother, allowing you to enjoy each inhale with less intensity. With nicotine salts, you’ll also notice a similar feel to smoking a cigarette, as the blood absorption rate is faster than it is for freebase nicotine.

A major reason vapers are making the switch is to work with a cigarette alternative that is easier to adjust to after quitting smoking. The faster absorption rate and the option to vape with greater nicotine strengths provide a similar feel to smoking a cigarette without the added chemicals and negative consequences. For those looking to quit smoking, switching from cigarettes to nic salts can be a smoother transition than vaping with standard freebase nicotine. 

You’re also getting a more natural product using nic salts instead of freebase nicotine. With freebase nicotine, an additional step occurs in the chemical processing, as opposed to relying on simple treatments with acids. Acids and nicotine create nic salt, reducing PH levels. With the ability to vape using low temperatures, you achieve a more acidic product, giving you a softer throat hit, and making your vaping more enjoyable. 

While the aforementioned benefits of switching to nic salts juice from freebase are evident, there are also, many additional benefits to switching from cigarettes to nic salts. Keep reading below to learn more about the various health benefits you gain by making this switch. 

Cigarettes Vs. Nic Salts Juice 

Smoking cigarettes comes with a host of side effects and damage to your health. The more often you smoke, the worse off your health may become. The chemicals and additives put into cigarettes worsen the problem, as you are exposed to harmful substances like carcinogens. Rather than tempting fate with arsenic, you can vape using nicotine salts and avoid the chemical load.

Additional Benefits Of Switching 

As you gradually cut back on cigarettes, your breathing will improve, and you’ll learn to tackle your cigarette cravings with greater ease using nic salts juice. With freebase e-liquids, people tend to vape more often because they crave the consistent hit of nicotine that takes longer to receive and last than with nic salt -e-liquid options. Enjoy the long-lasting hits of nicotine that come from nic salts juice instead. 

You may also not feel the need to vape as frequently by switching to nic salts. By getting a greater strength from the get-go, you are more likely to feel satisfied with less. Plus, if you’re cloud-chasing days are over and you want a more sophisticated vape experience, nic salts juice offers less cloud-producing effects, which may be preferable for vapers who want a more discreet experience. 

Ditch The Cigs And Switch To Nic 

By choosing an alternative to the chemicals in cigarettes, you’re reducing your health risk to adverse effects of cigarette smoke and toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde. Ditch the cigs and make the shift to nic salts juice. Enjoy without fear of severe toxicity.


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