You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Men”s Health


What exactly is that the weirdest thing about your health?

As it seems, one among the weirdest things about men’s health is that there actually isn’t a scientific term for “low-T.” This is often because yet one more bizarre truth of men’s health is that we don’t even know what causes low testosterone. 

Researchers are attempting to search out a solution but it’s been elusive all this time. it is not certain whether low testosterone levels are caused by illness or adulthood or if they may be an inherited condition, paul gautschi health  is usually associated with being overweight or obese, and it’s certainly caused by that.

The good news, however, is that there are lots of ways you’ll be able to boost your T levels naturally without having any side effects. In fact, there are several foods you’ll be able to eat straight away to try and do so.

Here are the 7 biggest health myths about men to help you get a clearer picture of what’s really going on.

1: Lower testosterone levels equal birth control

There is absolutely no evidence that low testosterone causes infertility in men. However, it does happen that infertile men tend to own below average T levels, but this is often only because their bodies aren’t producing enough of the hormone in the least. there’s no evidence that one affects the opposite.

A significant number of men plagued by low testosterone do have fertility problems, however. These problems will be caused by a variety of things including but not limited to: lack of sufficient sperm production, impairment within the number and functioning of sperm cells likewise as problems with spermatogenesis or degeneration in spermatogonia.

There are some other medical conditions that ought to be taken into consideration here, like a premature balding problem, low levels of B-12 (which is required for testosterone production) and therefore the presence of diabetes type 1 or 2.

2: You can only get low testosterone if you are under 30 or older than 30 years old.

Studies show that the frequency of cases when young men have low testosterone isn’t different from the frequency of older men. At the same time, it’s been discovered that a man’s chance of developing androgen deficiency increases significantly with age irrespective of age or testosterone level.

This means that whether or not your testosterone levels are high, they’ll still drop suddenly and unexpectedly before you reach 60 years old or maybe younger. per current sources, every 5% decrease in testosterone levels is said to a 3-fold increase in cardiovascular risk..

3: Low cholesterol levels will cause low T levels in men.

Studies have found no such correlation between cholesterol and therefore the amount of free testosterone floating around your bloodstream. It does, however, seem that prime cholesterol levels are also linked to more aggressive adenocarcinoma risk in some men.

4: If a man’s muscle mass is low then he has low testosterone levels.

The most commonly accepted theory about how muscles affect testosterone is that there’s a right away connection between muscle mass and testosterone production. However, it’s important to tell apart between simply having less body fat and having less muscle overall. 

While some men do have a loss of muscle mass thanks to years of not being active (often let alone an addiction to beer) this is often not the identical as low testosterone because it doesn’t directly impact the assembly of T.

On the opposite hand, a person who is an inactive layabout will tend to possess more body fat. Conversely, if he’s employed out hard and consistently his muscle mass will remain relatively stable. during this case, his testosterone levels is also relatively high for all the identical reasons (more muscle, less fat).

5: There’s absolutely nothing you can do to increase your testosterone levels naturally

You can actually do a variety of things to extend your testosterone naturally. For instance, if you’re feeling low on energy then there are some foods which will help – both in terms of their medical effectiveness and their ability to make you feel better generally.

Foods like meat and fish contain a high amount of zinc, which is understood to positively influence testosterone levels. Eggs and dairy products are great for his or her protein content but also for his or her cholesterol content. because it seems, cholesterol is required for the assembly of testosterone.

It’s also important to notice that omega-3 fatty acids are proven to be essential components within the synthesis of the hormone further. These fatty acids are found in foods like oily fish, tofu, avocados, walnuts and peanuts. You’ll also find them in small amounts in nuts and seeds like hemp , sunflower , pumpkin and sesame .

Eggs, meat and fish are all relatively rich in zinc, but so are many other foods like oats, victuals and kidney beans.


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