11 Tips for Increasing Your Nutritious Food Choices


What do you think of when the word “healthy” is mentioned? For many people, it’s vegetables and fruits. They are good to eat every day because they contain vital nutrients that our body needs for health. Ilventofailsuogiro in this blog post will help you find ways to incorporate more nutritious food choices into your diet!

Here are 11 tips to help you increase the nutritious food choices in your diet!

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Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

They contain vital nutrients that our body needs for health, including Vitamin A, C & D. Try eating these foods raw whenever possible because cooking them can reduce certain vitamins by up to 50%. If you do cook produce, steam it instead of boiling or frying which diminishes their nutritional value considerably.

Pack a lunch with healthy snacks

Instead of eating junk food at school or work, pack yourself a delicious meal full of antioxidants such as carrots and cranberries along with some protein rich items like legumes (beans), baked tofu/tempeh or brown rice. This will help you stay full longer, have more energy and curb cravings for foods that are high in fat or sugar.

Make your own snacks rather than buying them pre-packaged 

It’s much easier to control what ingredients go into homemade treats. So if there is a certain additive you would like to avoid (like refined sugars), baking from scratch allows you to do this! You can also save money by making your own healthy sweet or savory items at home too.

Drink pure juices & smoothies instead of sodas/sweetened beverages 

These drinks contain very little nutritional value. But offer plenty of extra calories which makes it harder for us to maintain our weight loss goals. If you want the occasional drink, try adding some fresh or frozen fruit to your favorite beverage and blend away!

Eat a variety of foods every day

Stick to the basics but also try experimenting with new items such as quinoa & amaranth, flaxseed breads/crackers and unprocessed bran cereals. This can all add interesting textures and flavor profiles if you get bored easily. Try roasting vegetables like carrots, parsnips or beets for a delicious alternative; they make great sides too!

Exercise regularly 

Getting our bodies moving increases our metabolism while burning calories. So we don’t store extra fat on our body. This is an ideal way to lose excess weight without starving ourselves because healthy muscles need plenty of energy (which comes from food).

Choose a whole grain cereal 

Many cereals are made from refined grains which lack the outer layer of bran where most nutrients and fiber reside. If you stick to high-fiber, less processed varieties for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, it helps us feel full longer. So we don’t binge on junk food later in the day!

Go meatless at least once per week

Instead of having animal products such as beef, pork & chicken every single night with our dinner try using tofu/tempeh, seitan or beans instead. These have been shown to contain many beneficial components that can help prevent cardiovascular disease & cancer risk too. Not only will your body thank you but this is also a great way to lose weight. Because plant-based proteins are typically lower in fat and saturated fat.

Keep a food diary

It may seem like extra work but this is one of the best ways to gauge our eating habits. So we can gradually make changes if there’s room for improvement! Having too many late night snacks, drinking more sodas than water or forgetting about breakfast altogether could be some warning signs you need to pay attention to. A little record keeping goes a long way when it comes to changing your lifestyle habits.

Read nutrition labels carefully 

If you want quality ingredients that provide nutrients without unnecessary additives (like high fructose corn syrup). Try sticking with items which have fewer numbers under things like “Protein”, “Fiber” & “Sodium”. We should also look for products with a “0” in front of each line item or an organic stamp on the package. You can avoid these items completely if you choose to eat 100% organic foods. But that’s not always realistic when we’re short on time and money: just do your best!

Eat slowly & mindfully 

This is such a simple tip which makes all the difference. Because it helps us feel full faster so we don’t overeat at meal times. It allows our brain enough time to communicate with our stomachs about what they’ve already eaten. So there’s no room left over for calorie rich, nutrient poor treats later in the day. Try eating every three hours during breakfast/lunch/dinner and choosing healthier snacks like fruit, veggies or nuts (in moderation) to keep your metabolism fired up all day long.


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