2022 Online Gambling Guide | Legal Gambling Ages Around The World


Going to Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau to take their chances is ambition for countless gamblers. The ability to travel all over the world and gamble at various casinos sounds fantastic, but there may be one barrier – the age at which people of the general public are allowed by law to gamble in a certain territory. Have you ever considered how old you have to be to bet all across the globe? You may realize that various countries have various gaming legislation. Usually legal ages are applicable to countries, however, in some countries, this could vary by city or area. Diverse countries have different views on the gambling business, with some completely banning gambling in general.

The United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Serbia and Croatia, and are among the European countries that are entirely open to gambling. Players are permitted to bet both online and at conventional casinos. However, countries such as Russia and the Czech Republic have completely prohibited gambling, so you won’t be able to locate any casinos to play at them. You may still be able to discover a few real money casinos, but be cautious because these may not be properly registered and controlled, making them unsafe to play at.

It is your obligation to check legal gambling age before entering a new casino. If you don’t do that, the casino has the authority to refuse your access to the service. In Europe, the legal gambling age is 18 years old. However, in some European countries, including Germany, Ireland, and Belgium, you must be 21 years old to bet. Furthermore, Greece and Portugal have the highest minimum ages, which are 23 and 25. But, remember that these limitations only apply to residents of these countries. As a result, if you want to gamble in those countries, you must be at least 18 years old. To gamble for actual money in the United States, you must be at least 21 years old. With the exception of Alaska, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wyoming, in which you can gamble if you’re at least 18 years old, this regulation is in effect across the United States. You’ll find out that each state has its unique gambling regulations, with some only allowing specific games to be played and others totally banning gambling.

Legal ages to gamble by continents and countries

  • Europe

When it comes to gambling, Europe is probably the most permissive continent. Most governments, thanks to the European Union, allow gambling at the age of 18. Some countries (as we have mentioned before), like Greece and Portugal, may have different regulations. From that age, these rules often permit the general public to bet both online and in traditional casinos.

Monte Carlo:

Apart from Las Vegas, Monte Carlo is well-known across the world as one of the greatest destinations to visit if you love gambling. Because it is home to luxury automobiles and superyachts, it is particularly popular with high rollers. The Casino de Monte Carlo is amongst the most popular casinos in the world. To access this high-class casino, you must be at least 18 years old and pay an entry fee of 10€. You may invest as little as 5€ and as much as 2000€.

United Kingdom:

Those who live in the United Kingdom and wish to gamble are in luck. The United Kingdom is well-known for being a gambling-friendly country. Betting on sporting events is highly encouraged, with numerous advertisements being posted on a regular basis. In the United Kingdom, the legal drinking age is 18 years old. Most events, like racetracks, bingo halls, gambling sites, betting shops, and casinos, have an age requirement. The main distinction is that you may participate in the National Lottery and football leagues if you are 16 or older. There are also other gaming machines which do not have a minimum age requirement, so anyone may play them. Soft toy machine grabbers and the popular coin push machines are examples of this.

  • North America

Las Vegas, Nevada, is by far the most popular gambling location in North America, and maybe the whole world. The legal gambling age in the majority of US states is 21, with a few exceptions in which the minimum age is 18. Surprisingly, several other countries on the continent, like Mexico and Jamaica, have legal ages of 18.

United States:

Gambling in the United States is most commonly associated with Las Vegas and Atlantic City, although it is not limited to these places. Furthermore, one must take precautions because some states permit specific types of gambling while others do not. Some requirements found in the United States are as follows:

In Alabama, a player who attends a gambling place with a minor is regarded as committing a felony, even if the minor is not participating.

In Arizona, it is permitted for charity to change into casinos during the evenings.

In Arkansas, it is likewise prohibited for anybody under the age of 18 to enter a gambling place. Such regulations, however, do not apply if a minor wishes to watch horse racing.

  • Asia

Asia has a wide range of gambling prohibitions, with the legal gambling age varying significantly by country. It is still completely prohibited in several countries.The legal drinking age in famous tourist destinations such as Singapore and Macau is 21. However, depending on the casino, visitors under the age of 18 may be permitted to gamble in Macau. China, Thailand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are just a few examples of nations where gambling is completely prohibited.


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