Are CBD gummies as strong as CBD oil?

CBD oil

CBD’s medicinal properties are well known, and many people have opted to take advantage of this. There are a few different ways to consume CBD, including oils, tinctures, and edibles like gummies or gel caps. You may have tried an oil or tincture and been curious about something like gummies but hesitated out of uncertainty that it would be as effective. Rest assured: the method of consumption doesn’t make a difference.

Much like the delivery method for other medications doesn’t change how much of the medicine you get, full spectrum CBD gummies are equally as effective as taking oil from a dropper. Keep reading to find out how CBD edibles are a great way to get the dose you need.

Extended Release Means You Get Benefits All Day Long

Consider that some medications come in an extended-release variety. This means the drug releases slowly over time, so you have a more consistent dose in your body. Sometimes that means better long-term treatment outcomes and fewer side effects. 

With full spectrum CBD gummies or gel caps, you’ll get all the benefits of extended release for up to six hours. Imagine having pain relief and better sleep without worrying about it abruptly wearing off the way some medications do. 

Better Taste and Ease of Use

Simply put, some people just don’t like the taste of oil. You generally need to hold it under your tongue for a minute or two and having oil in your mouth for that long isn’t appealing to everyone. The taste tends to be strong as well and some folks may not appreciate that either.

With full spectrum CBD gummies, they essentially taste like candy due to the fruit flavoring and sweetener, so they may be easier for some people to consume. The gel caps have no flavoring and are thus like taking a pill. Swallowing one more pill alongside your daily vitamins might be easier to think about and work into your morning routine

They are also more portable than a bottle of oil or tincture, so it’s easy to grab a couple if needed as you go about your day. 

Your Dosage Is Easy to Control

With a tincture bottle, you usually must use the dropper to control how much CBD you’re getting in one dose. This isn’t difficult, but can be hard to get a precise amount, especially if you have hand or wrist cramping or other pains. Full spectrum CBD gummies and gel caps make the dosage easy: they come in specific doses like 25mg so it’s easier to keep track of how much you take. It’s generally recommended to start low and slow and then build up to a higher dose if you want.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies Deliver What You Need

The delivery vehicle for medicine typically doesn’t matter—it’s how much you take that counts. This applies to CBD as well. Whether you choose to consume pure oil, a tincture with other plants and herbs, fruit flavored gummies, or flavorless gel caps, you’ll still get the myriad of benefits that CBD offers.


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