Does ITERATIVE DRAWING Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?


Finally, you can learn something new and forget about all the boring text books with thought process linear and boring classes that have been sucking up your time. You can now take your learning to the next level with some of these amazing websites and apps that we’ve listed below. They cover practically any subject. You can even learn how to draw with a pencil in an efficient matter! So learn more for fun, not for a test score!

You’re going to love this new way of learning that doesn’t make you feel stupid at all — if anything, it makes you feel smart! And it’s free, too.


Founded by artist and educator Jim Low, is all about learning how to be a great visual artist and it’s absolutely free! Right now there are over 11,000 lessons available covering more than 100 different subjects including art appreciation, drawing, painting, computer painting and design skills, 3D animation and game design, cinematography, special effects with the latest Gimp software (free).

The lessons feature text, audio, videos, images and interactive illustrations. You can click on the little Menu button to find what you want, then click on the lesson you want to follow. It’s all very easy to use and it’s completely free!


Here you’ll learn how to draw step-by-step using over 20 different video tutorials. You’ll be drawing like a professional in no time! They cover life drawing as well as cartooning and cartoons for kids. There are also some Anime videos available for free viewing under Sketchcast TV .

3. HowToDrawAnimalsFromYourHead .com

Learn to draw animals from life step-by-step. This site has over 15 free video tutorials that will help you to become better at drawing good looking animals from your head. It’s a great idea for artists with limited drawing time!

4. DRAWOLOGY 101: The Basics of Pencil Sketching and Drawing

If you want to learn how to draw a doodle, this is the site for you! They have over 50 different lessons on pencil sketching and drawing with many practicing exercises that will get you used to using a pencil in the real world instead of just the classroom.

5. LearnToDrawOnlineNow .com

This site is very popular in the UK and it’s a great place to learn how to draw. Mainly signed by artists Mel Ormerod and Mary Byrne, they teach all sorts of drawing techniques including the traditional way, digital drawing and painting. There are also thousands of tutorials on other subjects such as portraits, animals, architecture and more. You can also create an account and submit your own tutorials for others to see!

6. Sketchchalk .com

With over 200 lessons available, Sketchchalk is a great website for anyone who wants to learn how to draw using a pencil . You can practice in your free time because it’s a lot of fun. Their lessons cover subjects such as life drawing, wildlife, cartooning and more. Their lessons also teach you how to shade and render your drawings.

7. Koohii .com/learn/learn_to_draw

This is a very popular website with over 200,000 members! Now it’s your turn to learn how to draw online with the help of their easy-to-follow video tutorials on drawing manga, chibi and anime style characters. They have lots of fun contests and prizes that you can win just for participating!

8. Drawspace .com

This is another great website for anyone who wants to learn how to draw. They’ve been in business for more than a decade and now there are over 12,000 video lessons for free viewing. There are also a lot of other interactive drawing tools such as special effects, digital painting tools, 2D and 3D modeling, etc…

9. Drawing Exercises at Home: How to Draw Basic Faces

From the site’s description: “How To Draw Basic Faces teaches you how to draw basic faces using step-by-step instructions and detailed color photos.” However, somehow we don’t think this is really going to help you with your portraits! And it’s only $2.99 USD!

10. Sketchpad .com

Sketchpad – The Art Lesson Tool is all about learning how to draw cartoons with step-by-step animation. They have over 200 free video lessons ranging from beginner to advanced. You can also submit your own drawing lessons to their staff for review. Here you’ll find art classes that teach how to draw in every genre of art: humans, animals, still lifes and landscapes. You can find how-to videos on basic anatomy and perspective plus animals, figures and landscapes such as this one…

11. Sketches .com

With over 60,000 members and more than 1 million sketches, this site is all about making you feel like an artist! You’ll find all sorts of drawing tutorials and classes ranging from animal sketches to landscapes and portraits!

12. Drawing Lessons on ArtfulHacks .com

This site is all about drawing and sketching. They have all kinds of drawing lessons from basic 2D line drawings, to life drawing and more. There are also a lot of helpful tools such as the Drawing Scale Tool that you can use to draw proportions.


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