Secrets You Will Never Know About Roller Coaster.


When you step into a roller coaster, it’s easy to think that the experience is all adrenaline-inducing thrills and fear of falling. In reality, they are some of the most physically and mentally challenging rides ever created. You can only imagine what it took in order to make sure these machines ran smoothly, especially considering the size of them! Foot stuck in roller coaster is nothing new.Did you know the world’s tallest and longest roller coaster was built in 2008? Although steel is often used for the track, it’s actually made from fiberglass! 

It only takes 3 hours to build a roller coaster. Do you remember which state is home to the most roller coasters? You are probably not going to believe this, but it’s California! What color are some of the roller coasters painted? If you’re thinking they don’t have any color at all, think again! The answer may surprise you! Roller coasters can actually hold up to 10 people at a time. That’s pretty amazing considering how big these rides can get.

Secrets You Will Never Know About Roller Coaster :

1. The oldest roller coaster

It’s older than you think. The oldest roller coaster that is still in operation today, located in the US and it’s all about mining. The Coney Island, Brooklyn attraction is known as the “Cyclone”. It was opened to the public on 27th June 1927 and has since then not stopped operating. This may be due to its ability to withstand even the worst of weathers, different types of accidents and disasters as well as dealing with sometimes way too many passengers than its capacity allows. On top of this, they have even managed to keep it safe from total destruction which is more than can be said for other attractions made before it.

2. The longest roller coaster

Believe it or not! It’s longer than you thought it was! The record for the longest roller coaster was set by Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland Resort Paris in France. And the name just says it all! That is right, when you look at a picture of this attraction, you can see that it’s actually longer than a football field. It has a total track length of 4863 feet (1455 m). This is even longer than the long time record holder, Mount Everest- with a length of 4530 feet (1325 m).

Matterhorn Bobsleds- the longest roller coaster with a total track length of 4863 feet (1455 m). Your eyes do not deceive you.

3. The tallest roller coasters in the world

There are two different types of roller coasters, the classic and flat tracks, along with two versions of each. In all amusement parks and theme parks around the world, some rides are bigger and some are smaller. Eventually this all comes down to the height difference: The tallest roller coasters can be found at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois and another one located at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina that is known as “Hurricane Harbor”.

4. The fastest roller coasters in the world

Did you know that Mexico is home to the fastest roller coasters in the world? In fact, these attractions can be found all around the country, not just one place! It’s no surprise though that rides like “Batman: The Ride ” and “El Toro Coaster” are located in a theme park familiar to everyone…. Six Flags Fiesta Texas . Besides the fact that they have reached speeds of up to 85.3 miles per hour and 80 mph (129.2 km h) there are other interesting facts about them, for example: They have a height of 131 feet (40 m) tall and a track length of 4456 feet (1350 m). On top of this, each one has three inversions.

5. Roller coasters on fire

Did you know that a roller coaster ride can be on fire and still continue operating? This may be hard to believe but it’s true! There are many incidents were amusement parks decided not to close down the rides even after discovering problems with them. They have managed to continue the operation without the riders being harmed. Most of the time it was because those who were operating them knew what they were doing. In many cases, it was due to really quick thinking and rapid response on behalf of their staff, authorities and fire departments.

6. First roller coaster in the world

One of the oldest amusement parks in history is known as “Century Park” in Beijing and it’s actually located in China . Ever wondered how old this amusement park is? It dates all the way back to 15th century BC! At first you might think that this is impossible as its opening dates are thought to be more recent than that.


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