For How Long Can You Store Kratom?


If you’re thinking about buying kratom and using it, consider many things, apart from finding the right vendor and choosing the best strain for your needs. Learning how to use and handle kratom products should also be on your list of priorities. 

Kratom is a natural product consisting of powdered dried tree leaves. If you don’t store and handle it properly, its active ingredients could lose effectiveness, leaving you with no or barely noticeable effects. That means you’ll throw away your money as well. 

As a natural supplement, kratom requires proper storage. That is how all its valuable compounds will preserve their effects. 

Finding quality kratom products

Whether you’re looking to buy kratom for your personal or business needs, you need to find a reliable provider.

Many people think that their storage solutions are unsuitable, but it’s often the seller who isn’t taking proper care of the products. Some keep kratom in large rooms with dampness and moisture or too much exposure to sunlight.

So, take the time to find reliable vendors that won’t sell you products that will spoil in a short time no matter what you do. 

Look for a kratom wholesale review platform, check blogs, forums, and other groups where people can tell you more about specific vendors. Do your research and don’t be lazy – it might save you much money. 

What is the shelf life of kratom? 

As you might know by now, kratom is entirely organic. It is a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia with leaves that people dry, crush, and grind to powder for various purposes. Kratom doesn’t have a long shelf life like all other natural ingredients. 

It can last for about a month as long as you keep it out in the open in no “special” conditions. You can easily extend its lifespan and enjoy its potential benefits for weeks after purchasing. Kratom doesn’t become toxic after a month in storage, and there are no consequences for taking it even then. 

However, as already mentioned, kratom starts to lose its essential effects and flavor without proper storage. That’s why it’s vital to store it properly to make it last for a longer time. Just be sure not to use it for longer than three consecutive months to avoid experiencing adverse effects and building up a tolerance.

Top 3 things to consider when storing kratom

There are three crucial factors that you should consider when storing kratom. They include light, moisture, and oxygen. 


Light exposure 

Natural and artificial light can be bad for kratom for several reasons. They can make it change its color, lose potency, and become dry. When kratom products change their appearance for any reason, the safest thing you can do is throw them away. So, be sure to store kratom in a dark place.  

Exposure to oxygen 

Kratom degrades faster when in contact with oxygen. Besides reducing its lifespan quickly, oxygen makes kratom lose its aroma and potency. That is why it’s essential to check how a particular product smells before you buy it and ensure its storage container has a tight lid.

Level of moisture 

Kratom can spoil quickly in a moist environment, entirely changing its taste and smell. What’s worse is that moisture can lead to mold growth, and we don’t have to tell you that consuming kratom with mold isn’t healthy. Always store your kratom in a dry environment. 

How to ensure quality storage 

Storing kratom is easy; you only need to consider the above mentioned three things.

With that in mind, you need to get proper storage containers first. The best way to opt for glass jars is as they don’t affect the contents inside. 

Make sure to label each container with the appropriate strain’s name and the date you first opened it. That will help you keep track of your kratom product’s remaining time before it loses its effectiveness. Use the older strains first to avoid throwing any kratom away.

Last but not least, store your kratom containers in a clean, dry, and dark space. You can have a dedicated drawer or a cupboard for storage. 


As you can see, storing kratom is pretty straightforward; you only need to follow all the tips above. Buy from those who store their products according to industry standards to last as long as needed. Remember to take your time when choosing your kratom vendor to ensure you find a trustworthy one. 


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