HEMP? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


What is hemp you ask? 

Hemp is a plant. It’s the same kind of plant as marijuana carmax drug test, but it doesn’t get you high, so it’s legal to grow in countries like the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Businesses are popping up all over that are selling products made from hemp (also called “industrial hemp”). So not only does it have benefits for the environment and your local economy, but it’s also great for your health!

1. Hemp Improves your Health

Hemp is nature’s most perfect super food. When you eat hemp seeds and hemp oil, you get a complete, balanced diet. They contain only the protein, fats and vitamins that are essential for human health. As a result of eating it regularly, you will be more alert and healthier than ever!

2. Hemp is Softer on Skin than Cotton

You really can’t beat the softness of cotton if you want to sleep with a cool, comfortable nightgown or robe… but what if you could wear hemp clothing and be just as comfortable? That’s right, hemp is naturally delicious and soft. The fiber in hemp is stronger than cotton fiber, which means that it doesn’t break down when you wash it. As a result, it outlasts cotton products on the shelves.

3. Hemp Makes You Wealthy

Hemp clothing lasts longer than normal clothes because the hemp fibers resist breaking apart after repeated wearings and washings. So, they are more valuable to consumers, who will be willing to pay more for them. As producers of these kinds of goods, you can make more money by selling them at a higher price.

4. Hemp Is a Eco-Friendly Fabric

Hemp clothing is known for being cold in the winter and hot in the summer. That makes it perfect for people who live in cold climates and hot ones. People living in hot, dry areas will appreciate hemp’s ability to keep cool, whereas those living in cold areas will love the way it keeps them warm. And of course, there is no telltale smell of marijuana to give off to others if you are, say, wearing a hemp shirt out in public!

5. Hemp Provides Your Skin with Relief

Your skin instantly feels better after you wash your hemp clothes or sheets. Because it is free from harsh chemicals and dyes, hemp allows your skin to breathe and relaxes it. You get relief from the itching, burning and dryness that can plague you if you wear chemically treated fabrics.

6. Hemp Clothing is Long-Lasting

The natural fibers in hemp last twice as long as cotton fabric because hemp doesn’t break down when it’s washed in hot water like cotton does. That means that your hemp clothing won’t wear out as quickly as cotton clothing does—so you can save money and still be more comfortable!

7. Hemp Keeps Flies Away

Farmers will tell you that a horse blanket made of hemp fabric keeps flies off the horse much better than normal blankets do. That’s because the hemp fiber is so much more durable than cotton fiber, which means that the fly repellent stays in better condition with hemp.

8. Hemp is Easy on the Environment

Hemp fabric is made from a renewable resource, so it is better for the environment and the economy over all. It’s also one of the strongest natural fibers on earth, and can be produced in many different colors. Growing hemp will provide your family with a healthy lifestyle, and it won’t do any harm to nature!

9. Hemp Makes You Feel Good

You will feel better physically and mentally when you wear hemp clothing or sheets because they are soft and comfortable while being durable and last longer than most other fabrics out there. Hemp is eco-friendly, so it’s a great way to be healthy for the environment and for yourself!

10. Hemp Saves Paper

Hemp clothing is better for you, so you’ll feel better if you wear it, and it will last longer than cotton… which means that there are fewer trees cut down to make hemp fabric! That also means less pollution from waste and garbage at factories that process hemp fiber. And because hemp fiber can be used 10 times more efficiently than cotton, we can save more trees in the future.

11. Hemp is a Healthy Sleeping Surface

Have you heard that people who sleep on hemp sheets report feeling refreshed and unusually energetic? Hemp is not just great for your skin… it feels smooth and nice to the touch, as well. You won’t want to get out of bed in the morning because it feels so good!

12. Hemp is Easy to Wash and Store

Because hemp fabric lasts longer than cotton fabric, you can save time and energy by washing it less frequently. Hemp fabrics also dry quickly, so fewer water resources are used when making clothing from hemp fabrics. If you want your clothes to last for a long time, this is a great way to make them do it!

13. Hemp is Wrinkle-Resistant

Since hemp fabric doesn’t wrinkle, it’s easy to travel with hemp clothing. It also makes ironing hemp clothing quick and easy, since it needs less ironing than cotton clothing. As a result, you have time left over in the morning to enjoy yourself before work rather than spending time doing laundry or getting ready because you don’t need to spend as much time caring for your clothes.


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