How to Find Someone’s Email Address in 2021?

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If you don’t know the person’s name, are they on social media? If not, is there a website or company profile for them?

Try searching for their name along with an email.

Unfortunately this is more difficult if they don’t have a public profile. But if you do find their personal website or company page, then chances are that they will have an email address given on that site. You can also try contacting them through social media to see if they will give you their email address.

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1. What if you can’t find their email address, but know the name of a connection?

If you know a mutual friend, then chances are that they will have an email for the person you’re looking for. Try contacting mutual friends and asking them.

One other tip is to use social media to ask people if they know someone’s email address. Even though this might seem like a strange request, there are Reddit threads where people will respond with information that people ask for in self-posts.

2. How to find someone’s email address if they’re not on social media?

If you know a person’s name, try searching for it on websites such as and is especially good at finding emails in cases where the person is not on any other website or social media account.

 One tip is to use Google to see if their name shows up anywhere else online, or even offline in the phone book (you can usually reach them through their phone number).

3. How to find if you want to find a personal website?

If the person doesn’t have a personal website, then you can try contacting them.

If they don’t have a website, then try searching for their name on social media. 

See if they are connected with anyone else on social media, and see if you can find their personal page. Or you can contact them directly and ask them how they got their email address.

4. How to find if they’re online but don’t have any profile?

Sometimes people will hide their real information due to privacy concerns or security reasons (or just not be too used to interacting with strangers online). But sometimes there can be information that can help you find how to contact them. 

For example:

If the person is on social media, try looking for any information that might give an email address (e.g., their entry in the “People” section or a “Contact Us” page).

If they have a blog, check the “Contact Me” and/or “About Me” pages, if they have it. (If their email address is visible in the blog post comments but not in the body of blog posts, try posting a comment.) 

Sometimes there’s an email address after their signature at the end of a blog post.

Some people will often have YouTube accounts where they post videos about topics they’re interested in. You can check the “About” or “Video information” page to see if it says anything about how to contact them.

If you’re trying to find someone’s personal website, there might be a personal email address in the “Contact Me” or “About” pages. This is especially true if the person has a self-hosted website (e.g., WordPress). If you know that the person has a domain name, then you can also try looking for it on DomainTools .

5. How to find an email address if they have an online store?

If the person has a store, check the “Contact” or “About” pages. Sometimes there is information about how to contact them in the form of an email address.

Email addresses on a store’s website can usually be found by searching for their name on and (or similar websites).

6. How to find someone’s email address if they’re a contractor?

Try checking their LinkedIn page, but also try finding them locally through the yellow pages (i.e., phone book). If you find their name in the phone book, try calling them to see if they have an email address. 

If you find information about them in the yellow pages, try calling the company and asking if they have an email address.

If you’re really desperate, try buying something from their store or website – if the person’s identity is protected by a third-party payment processor (e.g., PayPal, Stripe, Stripe Checkout), then you might be able to find out how to contact them through that method.

There is also a service called Email Hunter that allows you to find out if someone has an email address. This is useful for cases where the person does not list their email address on a website, or does not have any social media profiles.


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