Knowing These 9 Secrets Will Make Your Fan Clipart Look Amazing


“The artist goes beyond the original idea to make an icon that stands out.”

– Emily Sargent, The New York Times

Fan clipart has been published online for years. People are crafty and they do an amazing job at creating perfect representations of their favorite movies, video games, or characters. Sometimes though, these images can be hard to find on search engines and other websites. That’s where we come in!

Our creations are one of a kind and we are skilled at making super cool artwork that includes a fun little surprise included. You may not know it, but these can be found on major websites like Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia!

So whether you are a fan of action figures, comic books, video games, or really just about any art form there is something for you on our website. In this article I will be going over some tips to help you have the most memorable stock images possible. There are so many good ideas out there but only a few truly stand out. So read on to see our top 9 secrets.

1. Add Some Pop Color

Nothing is more exciting than fan art. The idea of movie characters battling on a comic book page can make any fan geek out. So, why not add some pop to your image? You do not need an advanced degree in design or expensive programs like Photoshop in order to do something stylish and memorable. All you really need is a good understanding of color and the power that it has over artwork. 

2. Simplify the Design

I am sure you have seen artwork before and every once in a while it would appear as if there was too much going on in the image. This clutter can take away from the overall effect of the work and make it hard for viewers to really enjoy what they are looking at. Unless you really want this effect do not use a design that feels like it has no direction or streamline your pieces to give them some backbone.

3. Think of the Level of Detail You Need

One of the best things you can do when creating any artwork is to have fun with it! This is why we are better fans than professionals. But, even so, our work will always be judged on how well we understand the image that we are working with. No matter how much research you did and great ideas you had, if your final product does not look realistic then it will not really be that effective.

So think about what level of detail you want in your fanart. The more focus you put into a piece the more realistic it will appear to viewers.

4. Use a Vibrant Color Palette

Fan art can be really fun but it is not all about the colors that come forth on your screen. What makes your artwork really stand out has to do with what colors you use in your work and how they flow together. But, when you are creating a piece that would represent an action figure or character for example, you want to keep it simple and fun but still vibrant and iconic. The best way to achieve this is to use colors that are highly appealing such as greens, blues, and oranges. Also keep in mind how these colors will influence each other by also considering the displays of black and white at the same time.

5. Try Some Pop Charts and Logos

Pop charts and logos are a fun way to make your fan art look original and more creative. A good way to experiment with this technique is to make it a competition between you and a few friends as to who can come up with the best idea for an artwork. You can create a small board that will display the different ideas on it such as white or black backgrounds, enhanced pictures of your favorite characters through text or icons, or even just drawing out the designs in a simple yet unique manner.

6. Consider The Professional

Yes, even the professional artists are fans of some sort. Remember that with all that talent and skill these people have there is a good chance they will have inspiration from fans. So consider what you can borrow from the professionals in your own work to help your art stand out from everyone else’s on the web as well.

7. Try Some Graphic Design Techniques

Sometimes a simple graphic design technique can make all the difference when it comes to making something look more original and appealing. Using a simple icon here and a simple border there can really enhance the way your fan art looks.

8. Don’t Forget to Add Some Personality

Even though we are fans of many different things in the world, there is still something that we all have in common. We all have our own little something that makes us who we are and that helps define who we are as an individual. This is what you should take into consideration and use for your fan art. Remember that even though you may have fun and unique ideas when you are creating, do not forget that it is also important that your work be able to be enjoyed by others.

9. Don’t Forget the Background

Even though you focus on really making sure it is an effective idea, make sure that the background of your fan art is still as strong and memorable as the foreground. This can make all the difference between a great idea and a great piece of artwork. Do not forget to include a really deep black behind your lines.


These tips are only a few of many that I have used to create my fan art. They do not only work for any type of art, but they work in any kind of design and throughout any subject matter. Mastering these techniques can help your own works to become more original and creative.

“When any man’s imagination is stretched by a new idea, this is the period in which he is most susceptible to impressions.


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