Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On 14k Movies Anymore


A lot of people have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and coming up with new ideas. There is almost always a much better way to do things, even in ways you might not have thought about. However, one area that many people still do not know anything about is the film industry. And how can you improve when you don’t know what’s good or bad? This blog post will give you some pointers on what may be a better way for your livelihood than relying on 14K movies any longer. 14k movies are old, entry-level movies that have aged. 

The term 14k comes from the movie’s original cassette tape format. If you think back on the times of VHS, or HD and UMD tapes, those were very old formats too. And they have matured over time. Unfortunate for many, but not all people can afford to buy new movies with this modern technology and pirated copies are everywhere. With the invention of digital video cameras in the 1990’s came a trend in Hollywood called “HD”, or “High Definition” video . Today’s film industry has quite a few challenges that are unique to it as well as challenges that are more common across all industries.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rely On 14k Movies Anymore :

1. Watching a movie in HD costs around $15. 

That’s surprisingly not too much. If you compare this to a digital download, which is so much cheaper nowadays, 7 dollars will buy you the entire TV series of “Red Riding Hood” on DVD. Ten dollars can get you “The Good Wife” Season One on Blu-ray for example. However, if you rent a movie from RedBox or Netflix and pay only 14 cents per movie, that $10 price difference is just figured into the rental price (14k movies are significantly cheaper than renting new ones).

2. Will they really get stolen? 

Not unless they are very easy to steal and sold at a low price (eBay prices them at around 4 cents. has them even cheaper at 2 cents each). Furthermore, more than 50,000 DVDs are sold every single day. So it is hard to believe that people would bother stealing them for just a little money. As a matter of fact, the average number of HD DVDs that are sold per year by top rental companies is about 23 million discs. That’s 71% of all potential customers who would rent them if they could find them in their store.

3. What if you have too many movies and not enough shelf space? 

You can always slow down on buying more movies until you have enough room to store the old ones away again or perhaps sell those that you don’t need anymore. This can be a huge help to cut back on your monthly expenses.

4. The future is digital HD, not analog HD. 

As stated before, the dominant format in the world nowadays is digital HD, or High Definition . Although many people still prefer analogs for certain effects. But for the majority of movies today, it doesn’t make any difference whether you watch it on a standard TV set or an HD television set. There are very few movies released today that only exist as analogs and these ones are older classics like “The Godfather” and “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

5. Do you really want to deal with all the problems that are in the old movies?

Some people even prefer to continue owning them because it may be more convenient to watch them on an older analog TV. There is also a huge population of older movie fans who prefer them to looking at a new HD movie. Unfortunately, this group is growing in size, but their numbers are still small. But one thing is for certain: the next generation has been raised with HD technology and they will prefer it all their lives. They will not even know what they did without any other option. It’s possible that in 20 years nobody will even remember analog films and they’ll be forgotten altogether.

6. Why do you need it to be 14k? 

Is it really necessary for the quality to be so low? Back in the days before digital video, movies were often in “film” format. These movies were pretty much 2D and did not require as much picture quality that is taken for granted these days. But they may have been edited badly or even scratched on old VHS tapes. And they could even have had bad sound quality. Digital movie transfers are a lot better than those of old movies of any type. You can find clear and HD copies of many famous movies that have been converted into digital format like “Star Trek”, “Beverly Hills Cop” and more.


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