Should My Dog Use CBD Oil for Dogs


One product that has become popular in current times is CBD oil for dogs. It, therefore, is no wonder that most good dog parents are considering using the acclaimed wonder-working product for their dogs due to all the benefits it promises. However, we believe you need to consider some important factors before you choose to use CBD for your dog. You need to know that as it is with other products, some pets may react differently than others when CBD is administered to them. 

For this reason, you may have to speak with your veterinarian before making a final decision. While these dog oils look the same, there are also major things distinguishing them. Therefore, the various types of cannabidiol oil will be discussed to aid your decision. Apart from these, you will also have to consider the major factor below before you conclude on using this product for your pet. 

Your Dog’s Need 

To decide on whether or not to use this product for your dog, you have to fully consider the health of your dog. Any product you choose to use for your beloved pet has to be determined by your pet’s health needs and general wellness. For this reason, if your dog’s routine doesn’t necessarily need to include CBD products, then you may choose to skip it. Some common reasons pet parents administer this product to their dogs include cancer, allergies, arthritis, seizures, pain, and anxiety. 

That being said, if your dog has anxiety, you may include CBD oil in its routine as this product is a whole-body solution and could be the best solution for the crisis. But, if your pet is down with a local problem like a sore elbow or maybe a hot spot, you may try topical cannabidiol products as they might give better results. 

Now, you may be wondering what we mean by topical products, allow us to explain. Cannabidiol which is a compound derived from hemp can be made into various forms, the most popular being oil. However, other forms like topical forms and treats exist. The reason a topical product will be better suited for a problem like a hot spot is that the product is directly used on the skin. 

If you use topical solutions for your pet, then we advise that you do so after you have shaved the spot; this will help to maximize the product’s effect. Also, stop your dog from licking the spot where you administered the cannabidiol. 

In summary, you do not have to jump on the bandwagon and use CBD oil for your pet. Instead, critically analyze your pet’s needs and select any of the cannabidiol forms that will best suit the identified need. 


How to Talk to a Vet about Cannabidiol 

As we said in the introduction, consulting your veterinarian before choosing to give your dog CBD oil is important. Sadly, the research on cannabidiol is in its early stages; therefore, it may be legally wrong for your vet to discuss any CBD product with you. Read this to learn more about CBD legality. While you may experience some limitations when discussing this product with your vet, you can always give it a shot. 

The steps below will help you start and also maintain the discussion:

1. Know the Laws 

While some states have legalized the use of CBD-based products, others are still quite opposed to it. In states like this, the vets may have some limitations on what they can say about cannabidiol. For example, in California, vets are permitted to discuss cannabis with their clients. However, they cannot prescribe or administer it to their patients. 

If you stay in a place where discussing cannabidiol is allowed, then you can discuss it without feeling uncomfortable. If you are in a state with stricter laws, let us remain hopeful that someday the laws will be adjusted. 

2. Stay Honest 

Ensure you stay honest throughout the conversation. If you are merely considering the product and you haven’t started yet, say so. If you are already giving your dog the product also say so. You may even take it with you, this way; your vet can appraise the product as well. 

3. Initiate the Discussion 

Some states don’t prohibit their vets from discussing cannabidiol; however, they may not be allowed to initiate a conversation about it. In which case, you need to be the one to initiate the discussion. 

4. Expect Limitation 

You already know by now that the legality of cannabis is quite murky. Due to this, some vets have limited knowledge about these products. Therefore, expect limitations and try not to become annoyed if the discussion doesn’t go how you pictured it would. 

After you are done talking with your veterinarian, you then have to make a decision. If you conclude on giving your dog CBD oil, then you have to know the various types available. 

Types of Cannabidiol Oil 

The following are the available types of cannabidiol oil:

1. Full-Spectrum 

Products under this category contain every compound derived from hemp. People who prefer this type believe that the compounds it contains work together and so the health benefits of the product are amplified. You need to know that this type contains THC, the compound that gives cannabis its psychoactive properties. Visit here to learn more about THC. Therefore, full-spectrum is capable of making your pet high if too much is consumed. 

2. Broad-Spectrum 

This has all hemp’s compounds except THC. 

3. CBD Isolate 

Any product ground under this category only contains CBD; they are therefore considered the purest forms of CBD oil. 


If you are wondering whether or not CBD oil is the right product to use for your dog, then you will have to consider your dog’s health needs. You will also have to speak to your veterinarian to help you make a more informed decision.


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