Some Significant Facts About AC Servicing: Issues And Resolution


Proper maintenance of AC means proper maintenance of the coolness of the temperature of your room. In the days of toxic humidity, what calms your mood down is an air conditioner. However, it does not allow you to succumb to excessive perspiration and feel a lack of comfort. As an air conditioner is the only escape point from the irritating heat of the summer season, one needs to be very careful about the maintenance of one’s air conditioner. Like every other machine, an air conditioner, too, requires proper servicing from time to time. If you do not fluster about its servicing and maintenance, it will bog down and gradually become dysfunctional to cause you further distress.

Some Problems Related To Your Air Conditioner With Solutions

If you want your air conditioner to give you an optimum level of service, you have to rivet your attention to the issues generated in it on account of havoc usage of the motor. A timely glance at your AC service can prevent you from meeting a havoc loss of your investment. So first, let us share with you some of the common issues faced by several users.

1. The Room Is Not Cooling

If you notice that the temperature of your room is not getting cold despite setting it to 24 degrees, then it means some issues are causing the inconvenience. The first possible reason seems to be that the air filters are laced with dust and hence unclean. If you do not clean the filters regularly, they will block the airflow. It lowers the efficiency of the unit and incapacitates the cooling ability.

The probable solution to this issue is to ensure the cleaning of the filters regularly. Generally, these kinds of filters last from 6-9 months. Therefore, regular cleaning augments their durability.

What needs to be checked next is the thermostat. If it is set rightly, then it will function well. It would be ideal to set it in a way so that it remains 5 degrees Celsius lower than the temperature of your room.

Thirdly, dirty condenser coils can be another disturbing issue. Debris occupies the coils and causes damage to them. Again, the simple solution is to cleanse the coils to eliminate hot air.

Fourthly, the compressor needs to be monitored as it is the most important part that compresses the coolant making it disperse through the evaporator and condenser coils.

2. Refrigerant Leakage

After a hectic and constant use of AC, its owner starts facing this issue. Owing to excessive use for a long time, formaldehyde corrosion in the metal takes place. The refrigerant leakage trammels the performance of the unit. Further, temperature fluctuation also happens because of this event. This problem increases day by day. So it will be wise to have it fixed as soon as possible. To talk about its solutions, our suggestion is to take an annual air conditioner inspection and maintenance. Then, consult a trained technician from a reliable repair agency and make him clean the coil and do away with the dirt properly. Cleaning The Drain Line Regularly Is Another Way Of Remedy.

3. Mold Foraying AC or Its Ducts

People who have split system ACs and reside in areas of humid temperature face this problem to a great degree. Mold is one of the types of fungi, which can grow in both the air conditioner and the ducts. Once they start growing, they spread endlessly. They problematize the smooth functioning of your AC and can affect your health.

This issue also has a simple solution. To restrict mold growth in your AC system, keep the grates and filters neat and clean. This suggestion is very useful for your AC service.

4. Unusual Noises 

If you hear any unexpected noises from your AC, it means that you need to obtain an AC repair service. Depending upon the kind of sounds coming out from the AC, you have to decipher the problem. To give an example, a hissing sound signals a refrigerant leak. A loud thumping or banging noise indicates that your unit’s motor or blower is damaged. For the screeching sound, the compressor or fan motor is usually the source of the problem. In such cases, the simple solution is to summon a technician to find and fix the fault.

5. Seeking Professional Aid For Your AC Service

When it comes to repairing or AC servicing, we recommend you summon a professional technician and get your AC thoroughly checked. An AC unit has numerous parts and components. They are way more intricate than they look at an apparent level. Only trained and qualified technicians are capable of taking good care of AC repair and maintenance. They are well-versed with all the possible issues developed in your AC. That is why they can ensure the best fixing of the device at an affordable cost.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, you have to be alert about the common problems that cripple your AC at times and redress the issue properly. By following the aforementioned solutions, you can continue to enjoy your cool, aired atmosphere uninterruptedly. Also, do not hesitate to book an appointment with a reliable company that looks after the yearly maintenance of the device that keeps you calm and pacified and helps you endure the increasing heat of summer.


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