The Hidden Mystery Behind PAYBIS.COM


In this article, we discuss the many discounts and offers available for everyone who uses PAYBIS that no one else appears to know about. We also explore how PAYBIS gives you additional bonuses just for being such a loyal customer. Not only is it a great deal, it’s also an easy way to save money! 

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1. Special PAYBIS Discounts

The first thing you should know about the company PAYBIS, is that they offer a lot of special discounts and bonuses that can only be made available through PAYBIS.COM.

Because these savings are offered by PAYBIS directly, they are not advertised in any way. What this means is that these deals can’t be found anywhere else but on their website!

This is one of the main reasons why everyone should be using their services to make their purchases online! When you use their website to make your purchases, you save money and receive free items for doing so! Again, there are no other websites offering the same kind of deals as PAYBIS does. 

2. Sign-Up Bonus

To show their appreciation for their most loyal customers, login will automatically give you a 10% bonus after your first purchase. This way, you’ll get even more of a discount and will be able to save even more money!

Because the bonus is automatically applied after your first purchase, this means that if you use the website to make your purchase and then use it again within 30 days to make another purchase, you will receive a $5.00 bonus.

3. Top Auctions

If you are unsure about how to navigate their website, then find out more in our article on how to use PAYBIS.COM.

They offer a lot of auctions and deals to get you the clothes and items that you want at a decent price. You can find all kinds of clothing, home decor items, accessories, electronics, gift cards and much more for sale on their website! 

4. Gift Certificates

You can purchase different certificates from them as gifts for everyone in your family. 

These certificates are also discounted each time you make a purchase from them! You can choose either $10 or $25 certificates from their website when you place your order. And, to make things even better, these gift certificates are redeemable for any purchase over $25.00!

5. Earn PayBis Bucks

If you use their website to make your purchases, then you will automatically be enrolled in their special rewards program called PayBis Bucks. This rewards program provides you with a free $5.00 credit every time you earn 500 PayBis Bucks! If you purchase something worth $25.00 or more, then they will give you 1,000 PayBis Bucks instead of a $5.00 credit!

They list all the rules about how to use your credits and earn new ones for the future on their website in their FAQs section.

6. Membership Benefits

They offer a lot of benefits for their members only. If you make a purchase using your membership and you earn 500 PayBis Bucks, then you will be eligible to enter into drawings to win big prizes! 

You can also receive your order earlier than other customers since they will do their best to ship it as soon as possible without affecting the quality of the item which is why you should use their website first whenever possible. 

7. Teaser Discounts

At the end of each month, they reward their customers by offering a 10% discount on all their items. The discount will not be applicable on any item that was purchased from another company or individual store.

These discounts are always available for everyone who uses PAYBIS.COM so you should keep using their website to make your purchases! 

8. Free Shipping

If you use their website to purchase an item worth $59.99, then they will give you free shipping. Otherwise, if your order is less than $59.99, then you will still get free shipping but it won’t be as fast.

9. Forums

If you have any questions or concerns about anything and you want a quick response from their customer service team, then feel free to post on their forums for help! They always respond within 24 hours on the forums so your questions will always be answered!

10. Customer Service Contact Information

You can also contact their customer service team using the following information:

Contact Information:

Live Chat:


Even though PAYBIS does have a lot of great things to offer, the best part of using their website is that you don’t have to leave your house to purchase anything!

You can save money by using their website and you can always use the cashback offers that they offer if you’re in need of extra money. is definitely a great place to shop online if you want the best sales and discounts without leaving your house!


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