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What is a jamberry business card vistaprint?

Jamberry is a direct sales company that specializes in nail wraps, nail polish, and business cards. Two types of products that Jamberry offers are nail stickers (which are called wraps) and polishes. The company is headquartered in Maysville, Missouri with an office also in Savannah, Georgia.

So, how do jamberry business cards work?

Jamberry Business Cards can be made at home or through the mail. They’re printed on 100% linen card stock paper and they come with a peel-off adhesive backing so they can stick to nails easily without smudging paint or leaving residue behind. Just stick them on, file them down and paint over them with any color you like. There are hundreds of color combinations to choose from.

Sizes they are available in:

Also, the jamberry business cards come in different sizes – standard (2″x3.5″), business card size (2.25″x3.5″), and mini (1″x1″). The card types also vary – there’s a rounded corner option, which is what is shown here, as well as a square corner option, and you can also order Jamberry Business Cards that are blank on the back side.


Jamberry Business Cards are sold in sets of 100 and they are priced as follows:

Just do a little math. You order a set of 100. Each order comes with 25 cards. Make that 50 plus 25, or 75 total cards for every set of 100. That’s about $1.50 per card, which means you’ll spend about $150 for all the supplies you need to make one set of Jamberry Business Cards.

Where do you get them?

To order Jamberry Business Cards, all you need to do is visit the company’s web site, (www.jamberry business, which lists the products and their prices as well as instructions for how to order them on its main page. Visit the webpage and you will find cards for sale. If, once you have made your selection, then click on “view details.” You will then have a link to purchase the item online after entering your information in debit or CC orders. Be sure to pay using PayPal if using a credit card with a service charge fee may cause an unexpected increase in the cost of your order.

Advantages of the card:

Jamberry Business Cards are economical to print and can be made really easily at home. They are a perfect marketing tool for people who want to be a part of the Jamberry team. In fact, people can earn money by selling or marketing the product as well as by becoming a distributor. Distributors get 35% commission for anything they sell and 5% for sales their recruits make. Sellers, on the other hand, will earn 10% on everything they sell.

Disadvantages of the card:

Jamberry Business Cards have a reputation for being less than reliable. It is important to check the company’s refund policy before committing to purchasing any of the products in order to avoid possible disappointment with the Jamberry product.

Bookmarklet for Jamberry Business Cards:

Jamberry has created a bookmarklet for business cards that will direct you to their main page from where you can buy jamberry business cards. On this page, you can see all the different colors plus pricing options and details about making orders, shipping and receiving information, as well as communication methods. The colors do vary depending on what they choose to produce but they tend to go by key words such as “nude,” “black,” etc.


The jamberry business card is a great marketing tool for all those that want to market their business or become a distributor of the company. You don’t need prior experience in marketing to be able to sell or market the product, anyone can do it. However, if you are nervous in promoting your own Jamberry products you can use other available resources they have on their website like wholesale brochures and order forms. These will help you promote your products easier and generate more sales as well.

Jamberry business cards are very good for businesses that want to promote their business and get customers. But on the other hand, you don’t have to be a retailer or e-commerce company to make money with jamberry. You can also sell jamberry business cards to your friends and family and make money. You can start small with a few jamberry business card orders but as you grow you will increase your sales possibly making you a millionaire in no time trying it out.

Is it worth the money?

The jamberry business cards are a great marketing tool for people looking to market their business. Whether it is your own or someone else’s, the Jamberry business cards are a great product to market because it allows you to create your own business card at home. The process of creating a jamberry is simple and quick as well as cost-effective.

The jamberry also has the capability of being able to be sold and marketed by anyone who can make and market products such as jamberry business cards. However, some people will be more successful than others depending on their level of knowledge about selling products such as these.


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