The top 4 qualities to look for in a rehab center in California if you are struggling with drug addiction

drug addiction

Not only are the costs of many rehab facilities in California astronomical, but programs do not always cater to the specific needs of individuals dealing with addiction. 

The factors involved in drug addiction are complex. They require a skilled team of professionals to rule out underlying causes and additional treatment plans necessary to treat the drug addiction fully. 

With the understanding that drug addiction recovery must consider the complex needs of the entire person, rehabs that factor in the mental, emotional, and physical roots of drug addiction are the best choices

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Here are the top four qualities to look out for in a rehab center in California. 

1. A Rehab Center In California With Financial Help 

The recovery process is highly involved and requires 24/7 care from medical staff. 

Finding an affordable rehab center in California is challenging enough, given the cost of living and the predominance of luxurious recovery centers. 

See if a rehab center in California offers public assistance and cost-effective options that delay payments or provide ways to have expenses covered by insurance. 

The state may also fund some programs that are more affordable and include mental health care alongside treatment for drug abuse. 

2. Qualified And Experienced Staff

Many rehab centers focus more on profit than assisting the recovery of individuals. 

To tell the difference between a rehab center in California that genuinely wants to help versus a center that simply wants to make money, review the staff directory. 

If you find that most staff members have limited experience in assessing and treating drug addiction, this is a big warning sign that the rehab is not the best. 

Unfortunately, a great deal of centers enlists the help of anyone tied to the health community. 

Fitness trainers, dieticians, and meditation experts are certainly nice compliments to treatment, but they should not make up the bulk of the organization’s staff. 

3. A Lack Of Unnecessary Amenities

Like the previous point, don’t be swayed by rehabs that offer elaborate living situations and amenities. 

Often, these programs are looking to make money and possess little knowledge about the treatment and recovery of drug addiction. 

If you see juice bars, gyms, professional chefs, or a view overlooking the ocean, these are not great options. Look for centers that lack unnecessary amenities instead. 

4. Detox Timeframe Promises 

If you see advertisements for a rehab center in California that guarantees 3-day detox plans or similar timeframe expectations, it is unlikely that these programs understand what is involved in overcoming drug addiction.

There is no definite answer as to how long the detox process will take. False advertising is already a poor business scheme, don’t let it interfere with your healthcare. 

Find A Qualified Rehab 

It may take time to find the best rehabs in the state, but centers that accommodate personal needs without costing a fortune are worth it.

Find a qualified rehab and work vigorously towards recovery. 


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