Things That Make You Love And Hate a Business Name Generator


Business name generators are especially helpful when you’re not sure what to call your new baby venture. These sites can give you hundreds of names, complete with domain availability, in a matter of seconds.

The thing is, these tools can often be just as frustrating as they are helpful. That’s the main reason why we’ve created this post about the pros and cons of a business name generator — so that hopefully you will have a bit more clarity before making a final decision.

So what are these things that make you love and hate a business name generator?

And more importantly, how can you use these to your advantage to find the perfect name for your business?

On that note, let’s get started with the first point on our list – What to Expect from a Business Name Generator.

Reasons to love business name generator

  • It gives you a variety of potential names to choose from.

If you’re not too sure what you want your new business to be called, but you do know that your final choice will be unique and memorable, then you should definitely try a business name generator. These tools are extremely helpful in providing options for naming your business.

These are modern times where having an emotional name for oneself is also justified, even boys can be heard having emo boy names for themselves.

Your options can range from cheeky puns to cute animal names that can instantly align with your brand’s image and personality. You can also find names that not only sound great but also have the potential to go viral if you do it right.

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon this type of name, then it could be a valuable asset that gives you lots of free advertising and business.

  • It saves you time.

No matter if you’re looking for a simple business name or an ultra-original name with an unusual vibe, chances are that you’re going to need a few entries as your starting point. Business name generators can help you narrow down your options and present the most relevant ones in no time at all.

This will save you tons of time as you won’t have to search through hundreds of names that are completely irrelevant for your business.

You can also choose from various categories, from animals to objects, and get inspired by the results. The results lists are usually displayed in alphabetical order and the best names appear at the top.

Job done!

  • It helps you find a name that is easy to remember, spell and pronounce.

If you’re looking for a name that is a bit different from the rest, that also packs a punch and can withstand the test of time, then this category is for you.

However, let’s not forget that you need to come up with a good name after searching through the list of results. Otherwise, your business name generator might make people think you’re putting together a team of monkeys to start a fitness-based business – which will most definitely turn people away.

  • It can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Imagine that you’re one of the people who still use the mouse to type words – not the keyboard. And you’re looking for a business name, but are completely out of ideas. Then one of these tools could save your day because it saves you from making typos and spelling mistakes in your name.

It’s a very common mistake to end your business name with a space or a period, or to use capital letters in the wrong places. The thing is that these tools will have your back if you stumble upon any of these potential dangers during your experimenting phase.

Reasons to hate business name generator

1) They don’t help you come up with the best name ideas.

What’s the point in using a tool that doesn’t help you come up with awesome names?

Of course, it can be a good starting point if you’re struggling to find good options for naming your business.

But it won’t get you far if you rely on these tools to do all the hard work for you. And there’s nothing worse than being forced to pick from a long list of bad names just because “none of them are available”.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard business name generators when you’re trying to find one.

2) They randomly give you bad ideas.

I’ve seen people who literally got so carried away by business name generators that they completely ignored their gut feeling and ended up with a unique name for their new business that nobody understands or remembers.

It’s like running a marathon on a treadmill because your legs might get tired if you move outside your office or apartment, and then coming back home with torn shoes and bleeding feet.

3) They’re super hard to take seriously.

Sometimes I have a really tough time trying to brainstorm business ideas and name concepts for new companies. We’re talking about legit businesses here, as in scams and bootstrapped ventures. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun with the concept at the same time!

And business name generators are a great way to do just that!

I do, however, recommend using them as inspiration for your own creativity.

You’re going to need to come up with either a pun or a play on words, something that suits your brand identity and personality. If you can do that, then you might be able to come up with some great names for your business!

4) They might not be reliable.

I read somewhere that if this tool generates the same name for you 5 times in a row (or any other number), it means that name is pretty popular – which means it’s probably taken by someone else.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use business name generators, but it’s still worth knowing their downside before trying to do so.


Name generators are quite a controversial topic among those who want to start a new business because some people think that the best way to come up with the ultimate name for your company is to come up with as many names as possible.

Others suggest that people should go for the 100% original name, which is hard to achieve if you come up with super weird names or names with a bunch of mistakes.

So, it depends on your approach and the way you use business name generators.

I personally prefer having fun with them if I’m short on ideas but this might not be the best option for everyone.


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