Things That Make You Love And Hate The Hospital


The hospital is a place of joy and desperate pain. It’s a place where patients and their family members learn the best ways to encourage their loved ones during their time in the hospital. It’s also a place where doctors work long hours in the name of healing to mollify those who are sick or dying. Byars health clinic is a non-profit organization that empowers those who need treatment and gives them the tools they need to make sure they are being treated in the right facility. On one hand, it is an honorable institution that does so much good for people from all walks of life and income levels; on the other hand, it can be downright bureaucratic, with long waits for appointments and billing errors.”

Things That Make You Love Hospital :

1. The efficiency of the hospital: 

All over the world, hospitals are known for their ability to treat patients with a short amount of time. After all, they are there to help people when they need it most.

2. The kindness of the nurses: 

The nurses at hospitals have to treat hundreds or perhaps thousands of patients at a time, but most of them are always kind and sweet. They will do anything to make their patients comfortable. These nurses have been known to stop working on their studies or meals just so they can spend extra time with you during your stay.

3 . The smell of the hospital : 

It’s hard not to love hospitals, especially when they smell like medicine and bleach. In order to prevent infections and clean wounds, many hospitals spray disinfectant into halls and water down linens before they are put in use again. For many people, this smell is relaxing and comforting.

4. The efficiency of the doctors : 

Doctors are revered in society and are known to solve problems with a snap of their fingers. After all, they can read X-ray photos in their minds, even before they have been translated into words by the radiologist. These doctors can diagnose your condition right away and prescribe treatments that work quickly and effectively. Plus, they don’t charge you a lot of money for them either!

5 . The cleanliness of the hospital: 

In hospitals that are well cared for, visitors’ rooms and bathrooms will always be spotless both inside and out. Many people report feeling cleaner after a hospital visit than when they went in. That might be because patients and their visitors are expected to clean up after themselves and throw away any trash that remains. For many people, the sight of a sanitary hospital is proof that there’s still hope for love and justice in this world.

6 . The comfort of the chairs : 

In a lot of ways, hospital chairs are like normal chairs, but a little bit more comfortable. They usually feature extra padding so you don’t feel sore when you’re sitting for long periods of time; however, their backs are usually adjustable so you can set them to be as upright or reclined as you want them to be.

Things That Make You Hate Hospital :

1. The long lines in front of the hospital :

Hospitals are usually in the center of a big city area, but their operating rooms can be located hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Even with the best internet connections and advanced transportation technologies, patients and their visitors have to wait in line to get into these places. For many people, it is instead like going through security at the airport. They may have to wait a few hours before they can settle down to rest after taking care of business on the go.

2. The doctors’ note charges : 

Some doctors are notorious for charging people big amounts of money for “doctor visits” that last as little as 10 minutes or less. These charges are usually considered to be a scam and most people avoid them when they have the chance. After all, you can get a doctor’s note online for free if you don’t want it to count as your regular visit.

3 . The silence of the hospital : 

For many people, hospitals are absolutely silent, even when they are full of people. There is no chatter or discussion among patients or their visitors unless they are whispering on the side. Doctors and nurses know better than to talk during their shifts. All they need to do is press a button located near their bed if there is something that needs attention right away.

4 . The state of the bathrooms : 

For some reason, many hospitals are better at cleaning up after themselves than they are at keeping their floors clean. Visiting patients can tell that the floor is sticky and dirty, but it’s not clear why. After all, there are plenty of doctors who are good at cleaning.

5 . The lack of privacy : 

In many hospitals, you’re forced to share a room with two or more others. You might not mind if they’re friendly and talkative, but they might be making the wrong kinds of noises that you can’t stand to hear. It can also be frustrating when you want to go to the bathroom and someone else needs to take a shower right after yours.


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