What are Some Mythical Dragon Names?

Fantasy image of a large dragon, flying low to the ground with tuned head and mouth open, breathing fire into a group of three medieval knights in armour. The knights are carrying weapons and a shield, and are being blown backwards by the blast. Another knight looks from the foreground.

A dragon is a legendary turtle-like creature with two sets of wings and four legs. Some people define the word as anything that has scales, claws, or can breathe fire or acid. So if you think about it, an alligator could be considered a dragon! 

The first dragon was a Chinese emperor that supposedly lived over 5,000 years ago. You can read more about the first dragon here . 

Now we’ll take a look at some of the mythical dragon names. The names in this list are made up by Brent and Amy Tiller, two English teachers at Silverdale High School , in Silverdale, Washington. If you’re interested in finding out more about dragon names, I recommend reading their article on it that they wrote for The News Tribune (Seattle’s hometown newspaper). You can read the article here . It’s fascinating!

Here are some red dragon names are discussed. Check out!

“Most of these names are chosen because they sound exotic and make a good story for the parents, but some have deeper meanings. One dragon has an interesting story behind her name. 

A king in Valinor was dying and called for his son to be nursed by one of his daughters. The princess could not bear to see her father die. In his distress, she put poison in the king’s cup and drank it herself.”

1) Aigis (meaning Iron Face)

This dragon has no face (hence the name). “She is a good friend, although she doesn’t show up much. Her scales are hard to see because they are a cloud-gray, but if you look very hard you can see the dark outline of her face. She’s the most mysterious dragon.”

2) Aita (meaning Guardian of Fire)

Aita is a fire-breather. He lives on “a volcano where his parents live. He is a guardian at the gates and is covered in red-yellow scales.”

3) Albron (meaning Elf-Friend)

This dragon is a hybrid between an elf and a dragon, which explains why he has pointy ears and why he can fly even though elves can’t. “He was born in the forest near Du Weldenvarden with his parents. He is a very affable dragon, a people-person.”

4) Banedon (meaning Fire-Dancer)

Banedon is “a dancer of fire. He has a slender body with red and orange scales. His name has something to do with the fact that he can start a fire in the palm of his hand and make it dance on his palm like a flame from a candle.”

5) Brisingr (meaning Flame)

This dragon lives in Du Weldenvarden with her parents. Her scales are glowing red, so you’ll be able to see her coming from far off. “She likes having adventures, but she gets into trouble sometimes for starting fires. She likes to cook, and she can make things appear out of thin air with a wave of her hand.”

6) Buan (meaning White)

Buan is “a white dragon that has light blue scales. He is normally very quiet, though when he gets excited, he hisses and spits fire much like a dragon would! He lives in the mountains near Du Weldenvarden and is all alone.”

7) Dain (meaning Flame-friend)

This dragon “has red scales that come from his parents. His mother lived in Du Weldenvarden for a long time before she died. He is a good friend to everyone, and he is quite helpful when there are fires to put out.”

8) Dromis (meaning Fire-Helper)

Dromis “has red scales that come from his parents. He has two brothers: Hoti (meaning Flame) and Drisi (meaning Help). They live in Du Weldenvarden and are very helpful.”

9) Edain (meaning Elf-Child)

Edain lives in Du Weldenvarden with his parents. “He has blond hair and light blue scales, just like his mother. He is very fond of honey and chocolate, but he doesn’t eat meat because his father’s scales are red.”

10) Hoti (meaning Fire)

This dragon has red scales from his father. “He is known for his fiery disposition, but he is also very helpful in putting out fires. He has a girlfriend named Weisnicht (meaning Not-nice), and they live together in Du Weldenvarden.”

11) Hrist (meaning Honor)

This dragon has gray and black scales that come from his parents. He lives in Du Weldenvarden with them. Hrist is a hard worker and “tries to be useful whenever he can. He is good at building, and his father likes to make things with him when he has time.”

12) Istar (meaning Crown of Flame)

Istar is a very dignified dragon. “He lives in Du Weldenvarden off in the mountains and has red-orange scales. He used to be the king of Du Weldenvarden, but he was killed by a group of orcs that lived in the mountains. Istar was a hard worker who wanted everyone to be happy.”


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