What is the wonderfold wagon w4?


The wonderfold wagon w4 is an amazing product that is marketed as a safe, easy way to transport your goods or people around. With the help of a few quick folds, the wagon has a built-in seat and storage space. The design is so simple and sleek!

 If you find yourself cramped for space when you’re schlepping your things to work or school, this will be perfect for you! You’ll find all the information you could possibly need on this product here. As well as some other products that may interest you.

How much weight can the WonderFold wagon W4 handle?

Under no circumstances should an adult exceed the weight capacity of 250 lbs. This means that children over the age of 7 and under 250 lbs may use this product. Any child that exceeds these standards should be supervised, weighing less than 250 pounds, and wearing appropriate safety equipment at all times.

Can I carry more than one passenger at a time?

The wagon has a maximum capacity of one adult or child rider at any given time. However, it is possible to have up to 6 children or adults pushing it together, but you must have a separate seat and canopy for each passenger.

Why won’t my wagon move when I try to push it?

There is a simple trick to getting your new WonderFold W4 moving! When you first receive your product, there is a plastic cable tie holding together your wheels and axle. All you have to do is untie this tie and then connect it back in place once you are done using it.

When will my product arrive and how will it be shipped?

As soon as your secure order is placed, it leaves our warehouse. It takes 4-7 business days and arrives at your door via UPS (if you live in the US). If you live outside the US, it takes an additional 3-5 business days.

How can I contact the company?

The company’s address and phone number are on the box. We strive to answer all of our customer’s questions by email.

Do I have to fold the wagon all the way back?

We ship with the wheels up in order to save space. When you receive your product, just fold it all the way down and connect that plastic tie again to lock it in place. The wagon comes with a seat and canopy for each child, but if you need more space, you may purchase one of our additional storage bags or boxes.

What is the warranty?

We are committed to making sure that each customer is satisfied with their purchase. In the event that your wonderfold wagon w4 breaks during the first 7 days of use, you can log into your Amazon account, contact us and we will send a replacement. Other than that, there are no warranties associated with this product other than your satisfaction.


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