What is wrong with Spanish National Team?

panish National Team

Nowadays, the main focus is on possession and playing between free kicks, that is, players like Lionel Messi, Eden Hazar and Neymar no longer appear. There is a perception that street football has been “killed” by new academy programs, as a result of which there are fewer playmakers and natural-born scorers in the world. 

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In the current squad, Olmo, Ferran Torres and Pablo Sarabia are versatile and can play from the front. Moreno is happy to play from the right flank, and Morata is much better in movement than at the end.

Iago Aspas from Celta was also an option, but the stubborn Enrique did not trust him. “I can’t say anything bad about him, but the coach has to make tough decisions.”

Considering that the same Adama Traore hardly played, it would be much more logical to trust Aspas. But the La Roja project is still very young, and, apart from captain Sergio Busquets, is inexperienced in its composition.

The problems of many young strikers are particularly evident at Barcelona. For a very long time, Messi has remained the only really effective pupil, and problems with offense are solved through transfers. There was, for example, Louis Barry, who is now at Aston Villa, but they did not trust him, and they preferred Peck due to the fact that he plays in Spanish.

“In Barcelona, ​​strikers are not used, they prefer fake nines or two tens. They do not direct the ball to a forward who would run past the opposing goalkeeper and score. In principle, there are no strikers. A classic example like Harry Kane or Jamie Vardy would not play there, because the system is completely different. It would have been hard for Holland there. Think of Martin Braithwaite,” says a source close to Barry.

“It’s tough because the ball just doesn’t reach the attacker, no matter what he does. Tell me where, what is the clean striker in Spain now? Even Vardy wouldn’t have scored there. “


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