Why Choose Delta 8 Out of All The Other Cannabinoids?


You are ahead of the crowd in the world of THC if you have heard about delta-8. You may be curious regarding the fuss it is about as it grows in popularity. What is Delta 8 precisely, and how does it vary from other cannabinoids?


Why should you choose Delta-8 out of all the cannabinoids?

So let us start with the fundamentals. First, we refer to cannabis plants as both marijuana and hemp plants. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemicals present in both plants and animals. Over 100 distinct cannabinoids exist, each with its own set of qualities. Despite the vast array of cannabinoids available, only two are psychoactive.

Delta-9 THC is the most well-known and well-liked of these cannabinoids. It is the psychoactive component of cannabis, and when you think of getting “high,” you are probably thinking of a product containing delta-9 THC. The only other psychoactive molecule is delta-8 THC, a much newer chemical gaining popularity.

What are The Delta-8 And Delta-9 Similarities And Differences?

Let us look out where D8 and delta-9 are similar and how they vary now that we know they are both psychoactive cannabinoids. Both kinds of THC have a double-bond on their carbon chains from a molecular sense. Both types of THC attach to the B1 receptor in our endocannabinoid system, which causes us to feel “high.”

The location of the double-bond on a molecular level and the degree of binding to CB1 receptors are two crucial variations that are perhaps minor. A double-bound is found on the eighth carbon chain of D8 THC, whereas it is on the ninth carbon chain of delta-9 THC. This information may seem technical jargon, but the difference is significant enough to distinguish how our bodies absorb each kind of THC.

Although both connect to the same receptor in our endocannabinoid system, delta-9 binds three times better. Delta-9 is significantly more effective than D8. This factor is due to the strength of the binding with delta-9, which raises the intensity of the psychedelic characteristics. Delta-9’s heightened intensity may provide a higher “high,” but it can also cause unpleasant side effects, including paranoia, anxiety, and sluggishness. With D8, these symptoms are not as expected.

Why Is Delta-8 A More Attractive Option Than Delta-9?

While D8 and delta-9 are similar and have psychoactive characteristics, one significant distinction exists. The kind of THC most people are acquainted with, Delta-9, can cause harmful side effects.

With Standard Delta-9 Cannabis, Avoid Potential Negative Side Effects

While everyone’s experience is different, the possibility of having a “poor trip” is one of the minor appealing aspects of getting high. Feelings of fear and dread or sluggishness and weariness may lead to a bad experience. The high from D8 THC is less potent than ordinary delta-9 cannabis, but it still provides a pleasurable euphoric experience. It has been characterized as a high that you are more in control of, with the same rush of serenity that comes with being stoned but none of the terrible side effects. Delta-8 users report a more uplifting high than delta-9 users and feel invigorated and clear-headed.

Delta-8 THC’s Legality In The United States

It is a recent development if you are startled to learn that D8 is now allowed in the United States. Although D8 has been present for a few years, the 2018 Farm Bill left it unclear if it was still a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act. However, in August 2020, the DEA issued an amendment exempting the D8 cannabinoid if sourced from hemp.

What exactly does this imply? It effectively means that D8 THC generated from hemp is entirely lawful, albeit there are certain restrictions in some jurisdictions. The August 2020 amendment, on the other hand, more or less provides an official loophole enabling individuals to get high legally, even if that was not their purpose. Why is this a significant point?

Delta-8 Can Be Purchased Online Without Needing To Visit A Dispensary

Delta-8 is lawful in the United States, as we just mentioned. You can buy D8 THC without going to a dispensary or physical site. This factor makes D8 a far better alternative for getting high than conventional delta-9 THC from a legal viewpoint. For the time being, D8 is not under the ambit of the Farm Bill.

Delta-8 Is A Premium Product That Is Hard To Find 

Although both D8 and delta-9 are present naturally in cannabis plants, the amounts are substantially different. Delta-9 is abundant, which is one of the reasons it has traditionally been the predominant psychoactive element in cannabis products. Delta-8, on the other hand, is found in very tiny concentrations. This factor makes it more challenging to come by and, as a result, a more expensive component.

Because it is present in such tiny levels, other cannabinoids help make D8 THC. CBD and delta-9 are utilized as “starters” to create D8 in various ways. Heat is the most frequent way to convert CBD and delta-9 to D8, although the conversion may happen via solvents, pH changes (especially in acidic settings), and catalysts.

Furthermore, there is limited choice since D8 is a newer player on the field. Because there are not many companies that make delta-8-specific goods, the value and demand for delta-8 THC will continue to rise. When you consider all of the additional advantages, it is no surprise that Delta 8 is the premium, luxury version of ordinary delta-9 THC.

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If you are acquainted with cannabis culture, you are probably aware that being stoned comes with the risk of unpleasant side effects. Although this has become a commonly recognized tradeoff, one of the less pleasant aspects of consuming cannabis products is the possibility of paranoia, anxiety, and tiredness.

Delta-8, on the other hand, is the lesser-known “little brother” of regular delta-9 THC. Compared to delta-9, delta-8 has modest chemical changes but offers appealing advantages. It is less powerful and binds to receptors in our endocannabinoid system less strongly. Consequently, the high is smoother and without the unpleasant side effects.

Delta-8 is now federally lawful, owing to the DEA’s recent modification to the 2018 Farm Bill and its physiological advantages. The amendment exempts hemp-derived delta-8 THC from the Controlled Substances Act, notwithstanding further restrictions in certain jurisdictions.


The availability of delta-8 THC is a later benefit of being federally authorized. Unlike delta-9 THC, which is only available via a dispensary, delta-8 is available online. Because of these features and the fact that delta-8 is in low supply, it is considered a premium option to ordinary cannabis products. Selecting delta-8 over other cannabinoids is like splurging on a delicacy with such a small supply and few providers.


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