Winning Your Motorcycle Accident Case: A Guide


The widespread opinion that motorcyclists are reckless on the road shapes how masses view motorists. The existence of potholes, poor construction, and the lack of maintenance of roads make motorists more prone to the dangers of such defects. Most cases involving motorcycles tend to be challenging and are biased against the victims. Due to the nature of these cases, there is no guarantee of winning. However, here are some tips that could increase your chances of victory in a motorcycle accident case.

a. Do Not Fix the Motorcycle

You may want to take your motorbike to the mechanic for repair and continue enjoying its convenience. However, you will have to endure the sight of a wrecked bike until the case is over, as the motorcycle serves as crucial evidence during a case. During this process, the court may call upon the experts to testify about the nature of the accident, basing their argument on the exhibit. Presenting it may help the accident reconstruction professionals to assess the severity of the accident.

The motorcycle will also justify your claim, and as such, repairing it will tamper with crucial information, costing you time and giving the defendant an easy way out of the case.

b. Hire a Reputable Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Victims of motorcycle accidents may suffer serious injuries depending on the intensity of the accident. They have a right to compensation which includes but is not limited to lost wages and medical expenses. However, these cases seem to take time, and victims lose out on what is rightfully theirs. A motorcycle accident lawyer will thoroughly investigate matters to do with the accident and point out the cause.

If you reside in New York, an NYC motorcycle accident lawyer from a reputable company will follow up with the medical and finance professionals. This process allows you to have an insurance demand that comprehensively details your injuries. Further, motorcycle accident lawyers who have a history of successful cases will ensure that they file the paperwork and procedural requirements and fight for your rights and a fair settlement.

c. Keep Record of all Medical Procedures

The health records you will provide will form the fundamental basis of your compensation process. After the accident, ensure that you seek treatment regardless of whether the injuries are minor or fatal. It is also important to go for a check-up to verify the condition of your health. While doing so, ensure that you inquire about your injuries and insist that the medical practitioner writes down necessary details.

Some insurance companies are elusive and may seek ways to avoid compensating a victim. They may claim that the injuries are a result of negligence and failure to follow medical procedures. Following up with your healthcare provider and documenting this process denies the defendant a chance to make such claims. Ensure that you monitor and put in writing all medical expenses during this time.

d. Involve the Police

In case of a motorcycle accident, ensure that you contact the police before leaving the site, whether the accident is minor or serious. The police will collect information that involves insurance, time and date, and information concerning the other party. Photos of the scene may also be taken, and the involved parties receive copies of the observations made. Such information is documented since it acts as proof or evidence in a court of law during the proceedings and ruling.

e. Equip Yourself with Knowledge

Traveling using a motorcycle includes crossing boundaries, and at times, you may find yourself in unfamiliar territory. The accident can happen in a different country or state. In such cases, it is essential to have tips that will be useful when such a disaster strikes.

When traveling to new destinations, always carry a GPS. Acquaint yourself with the traffic rules and find out what state laws demand in case an issue emerges. Download or subscribe to applications that have information on state legislation. Relevant and sufficient information will help you deal with the legalities and keep away lawyers who may want to prey on your ignorance.


A motorcycle accident can be damaging both physically and mentally. While it takes time to recover from your injuries and heal from the trauma, getting justice and compensation is good for victims of motorcycle accidents.


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