Cons of Multi specialty attorney to Consider


Lawyers are a privileged group of people who have the capability of becoming very wealthy, but in order to do so, they must go through a lengthy process that includes law school and taking multiple bar exams and game warden salary montana. If you’re considering pursuing this career path as well, you should know that it comes with its fair share of cons. Here are some cons that potential attorneys should consider before embarking on their law career.

1. Long hours

In order to become a full-fledged attorney, one must be able to devote 100 percent of his or her time to the profession. If you want to rise through the ranks, you’ll have to keep up with your work and study, which is likely going to require long hours that may not be available at all times.

2. Very little pay

Finally, being a lawyer doesn’t come with a lot of money. The average starting salary for an attorney can potentially be anywhere from $32,000 all the way up to $120,000 but most lawyers make somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 as their salary.

3. No job satisfaction

Another thing that could happen is that you could feel no true sense of accomplishment. Being an attorney requires the use of your mind, which is something that happens on a daily basis for most attorneys. However, when it comes to the type of work you’re doing, there’s very little satisfaction in what you do because you’re constantly looking at numbers and doing paperwork instead of providing true justice.

4. Stress

Being a lawyer obviously comes with its fair share of stress. This can also come in the form of being swamped with crazy hours and dealing with clients who may not be able to comprehend the concept of law. If you think you can handle this stress, then start your law career.

5. No social life

After spending your time doing nothing but studying and working, you might find out that there’s not a lot of time for anything else in your life. The amount of time that you have for yourself can potentially be very limited and most lawyers live a very isolated lifestyle, which could end up affecting your social interactions anyway.

6. More bullying

The life of a lawyer may not be all rosy. This is because there are certain times where you might get bullied by associates and superiors, but if you’re one of these people who is going through this, then you should strive to become a better person because you’ll probably want to stay employed in the future.

7. No being your own boss

Generally speaking, lawyers can make much more money as business owners than they can as attorneys. If you’re interested in becoming your own boss so that you don’t have to worry about getting fired at any point, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pursue your law career. 

8. Problems with clients

Although lawyers are supposed to do what is right by their clients, this can sometimes prove to be difficult. Clients can be demanding and they might even threaten the attorneys in order to get what they want. You’ll need thick skin and you should never drop your morals or you’re not going to last very long as a lawyer.

9. The system seems unfair

If you’re not a person who is willing to put everything on the line, then becoming a lawyer isn’t going to be for you because you must always go above and beyond expectations in order to keep your job. As an attorney, you’ll have to be prepared to go the extra mile.

10. Backstabbing

Unfortunately, there are some people who are backstabbing others in the legal profession and this can lead to them getting fired or simply not being invited back to work. Although you may not experience this directly, it does happen and you should bear this in mind if you’re thinking about making a move into the law world.

11. Over-reliance on other attorneys

Although you’re supposed to rely on your clients, they’re going to do the same thing. They’re going to be counting on your expertise and trustworthiness, but if you do them wrong, then it’s game over for you. As a result, lawyers tend to have a very unreliable income because they are constantly dealing with clients who don’t believe in them anymore.

12. Non existent benefits

There aren’t that many traditional benefits for lawyers in the first place and another thing that people should consider is that law firms usually don’t pay their employees well in terms of compensation. This is because they know that they’re going to have to spend a lot of money on training.

13. It’s very stressful

In the same way that individuals who are lawyers often compromise their morals, they can also compromise their mental and physical well-being in the process. This is because if you’re not able to handle your stress very well, you could end up having some serious repercussions, which may include depression or even a stroke.

14. You may have to move for work

If you love living in one city, then being a lawyer might not be for you because there will most likely be times when you need to move in order to work on a case or something similar like this.


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