5 Ways to Best Present Your Floral Arrangement Gift Box


While you may be thinking about gifting someone with flowers, tying them into a bouquet is the minimalist approach you’d think of. However, there are numerous special ways to present your flowers to your special someone, and gift boxes perfectly work the trick. Even so, you must know your way around using them to create the most impeccable gift that’ll surely leave a lasting mark. Here are ways to best use your flower box.

1. Match Floral Coloring with the Box

You should match your flowers’ color with that of the box when using a flower box. Since flower colors represent emotions or help you pass concise messages through, you should reveal what’s inside right away. Of course, you might not need gift wraps, unlike conventional presents, so how about giving a heads up of what you intend to express beforehand? It’d be incredibly pointless presenting red roses in a purple box if you intend to be clear with your message.

2. Keep Them Spotless 

Your gift will best carry meaning if it’s neat and spotless. That, apart from showing how immaculate you are, leaves no room for doubt that you expressively mean every intention of the gift. Be cautious of situations that’ll make your flower box dirty before presenting them to the intended owner. If you bought or got your flower box delivered days before, wrap it up in a replaceable polythene bag if the surroundings are dusty. Besides, that’ll prevent fluids from coming into direct contact with your box, which will end up spotting it.

3. Arrange Your Flowers Ornately 

If you have a preference for varied floral combinations, be sure to use an expert to help you pair them up perfectly. However, that won’t be a concern if you shop your flowers by visiting https://www.floristique.sg/collections/floral-boxes. Remember that some flowers are incredibly picky and won’t compliment others when bunched together. For the most types that have no problems pairing up and still spruces up the arrangement, go ahead and put them together. Ornately arranged flowers meet the eye with grace, are more aesthetically significant than a nuisance, and help express your emotions better.

4. Add a Ribbon to It

Since you’re technically presenting a gift with flowers to someone, it’s good that you level up to the gifting tradition by tying a ribbon around your flower box. Of course, most flower boxes don’t require covering on top to allow the flowers to breathe. But for perforated designs, adding a ribbon on top will add the cherry on the cake. However, please don’t overdo it by trying too many ribbons such that it feels aggravating.

5. Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Presenting flowers in color-matching and incredibly ornate flower boxes work the trick. However, some well-kept and fresh flowers complete the jigsaw. Regardless of how appealing your flower box looks, you’d only sabotage your effort to express your emotions if the flowers are withered and don’t appear fresh. If possible, present your flowers almost the same day you purchase them if you intend to be clear and more expressive.


Flowers are perfect symbols that boldly express emotions, and it’s good to package them thoughtfully. And flower boxes are the impeccable way to bundle your flowers together. However, it helps to understand how best you can use them to present your intended gift and properly express your emotions.


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