5 Ways to Get Accepted at Top Colleges


So you want to get into the college of your dreams? Here are our top five tried and true tips listed by https://refresh24spa.com/ that will help you bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you hope to be.

While most people apply for colleges with traditional essays, flawless GPAs, and 4.0 unweighted AP test scores, it takes more than just great grades to get accepted at a top tier school. You need to drastically increase your “college readiness” as well as show schools that you’re not afraid of a challenge.

Comprehensive guide

But how do you go about doing this? And how can you be certain that your efforts will translate to your acceptance?

Lucky for you, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide of tips and tricks that we’ve collected from our own experience and through research. We’d like to pass these on to help you become more college ready and get yourself into the college of your dreams.

In an attempt to show our readers how to get into a college of their dreams, we put together this list of five ways to get accepted at a top college.

1. Get involved! 

Nowadays it seems like anyone with a Netflix account and a cell phone can be considered “involved” in an activity, but that doesn’t mean it counts as being involved. If you want to increase your chances of getting into a school, you have to commit yourself 110% percent. Don’t just join clubs for the sake of joining clubs – join clubs because you care about the work they do! Show schools that no matter what happens, you won’t give up on your efforts.

The easiest way to get accepted at a top tier school is by making your application stand out from other applicants. Since many of these schools receive thousands, yes, thousands! of applications every year, you need to find ways to make sure yours is one of the ones read. Getting involved in activities outside of school will help make your application stand out because it shows that you’re not afraid of a challenge and you know how to take initiative.

The best way to do this is by getting involved in numerous clubs and organizations outside of school. You don’t have to join them all, but try picking out at least four or five that interest you and your schedule allows for. Try joining clubs/organizations in areas such as: community service, sports, business interests, politics, etc.

2. Walk the walk. 

You might know all of the steps to writing a top notch college essay, but if you’re not willing to put in the work, no amount of preparation will make an impact. This goes for everything from your extracurricular involvement to your GPA, and it’s true that having a 3.7 won’t hurt your chances at getting into a 4 digit school – but if you don’t attend class and work hard, then applying with a straight 3.7 (and any other low scores) will only hurt your chances.

3. Try harder! 

The thought process behind this tip is simple: if you applied with all of your best grades and essays… Why not try harder? Show your top school that you’re ready to stretch yourself, but remember that you still have to be able to back it up. This might mean reaching out to alumni for help, putting in extra time to improve yourself, or even getting an extra tutor. There are plenty of ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd!

4. Get tested! 

SAT/ACT/TOEFL are all buzzwords that can make or break your chances at getting into a variety of schools… if you ace them. For some people this comes easy, but plenty of people struggle with standardized tests, and need help along the way. You can find plenty of places to get help by reaching out to colleges on the website of the organizations that power the tests.

5. Make it personal! 

No matter how great your application is, if you’re not engaging with the person reading it, there’s a good chance they won’t even open it. Don’t be afraid to personalize and demonstrate your passion and interests. For example: I don’t care about sports; I love writing; I love science; I love art; and my family is incredibly important to me. An essay that gets somebody’s attention and makes them want to read it – that’s an essay that will get somebody accepted into their dream school. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your dream school get away.

Bonus : 

Make sure your application is followed up by a strong Personal Statement. If your application speaks for itself, this is your opportunity to articulate why you want to go to the school in question and how it will benefit you in the future. Think of it as an investment in yourself; this will bring you one step closer towards realizing your dreams.

A personal statement that represents who you are and why you want to go to that particular school will help boost your chances at getting into college exponentially!

College life can be stressful, especially if it’s not exactly what you were expecting.

While you might not be able to incorporate all of these tips into your college application, we guarantee if you can implement one or two, it will drastically increase your chances of getting into the school at the top of your list.

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It can be difficult to get into top colleges these days, but it’s not impossible.


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