Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Vegas Dave


The internet has always had a case of crush on Vegas Dave. He’s the pinnacle of bro-dom, living large and getting in over his head on sports gambling. But despite all of his vices, he remains one of our favorites because he embraces it so unabashedly and shamelessly.

A lot has changed since Vegas Dave first made an appearance on twitter, but it turns out that internet love for this Florida man hasn’t changed a bit. Welcome to our guide to the life (and times) of Vegas Dave! Vegas Dave wikipedia is a great place to start, as well as his twitter account.

Here’s a look at the man behind the legend, starting with a look back – Vegas Dave makes his first appearance . It all starts when Vegas Dave decides to bet $27 on the Packers -3 at home against the Giants in the NFC Championship Game. He loses that bet, and it’s a good thing he did because Big Blue ended up taking home the Super Bowl that year. Because of his bad play, Dave’s friends wish him a happy Birthday when he says he’s 40. He doesn’t believe it.

Vegas Dave’s friend Rick comes up with the idea to start a twitter account as a joke. However, Dave takes it all too seriously… can you blame him? – Vegas Dave takes it all too seriously. A twitter account is created for Vegas Dave and the group starts following each other and posting crap to see if they could get any followers. So far they have 340 followers or so. They quickly discover that they’re doing this while enjoying some pina coladas.

Beautiful Reasons We Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Vegas Dave :

1. His tweets

Vegas Dave’s twitter account is only active a few times per week, but it’s always funny. We were lucky enough to get access to every tweet Vegas Dave has ever sent, and you can see it here: Vegas Dave tweets. There are plenty of gems in there, like the time Vegas Dave brags about his one-night stand with Dolphin fan @DolphinsGirl32… and then has to eat crow when he discovers she’s married (with child!).

2. His timeline

Vegas Dave has a timeline that is at turns depressing and hilarious. He has tons of pictures of him with his favorite athlete, LeBron James. He also has a ton of pictures that are at odds with each other, like this picture of his famous crying face (which he does for every big sports loss) next to this picture of Vegas Dave enjoying the moment.

Another great part of Vegas Dave’s timeline is the fact that he has a LOT of funny friends. All of his friends have their own twitter accounts (they’re listed here ), and it’s always fun to see what kind of hilarity they get into. Here are the funniest ones:

3. His gambling

Like we said in the intro, Vegas Dave is possibly one of the biggest gamblers on twitter. He spends a ton of time and money on his sports gambling addiction, though he keeps it mostly low-key (except for when he bets $6,000 on a Cubs game and then wants to fight with @HBTweeting when they lost). Mike Tyson is a huge Vegas Dave fan, and even wrote the forward for his book . If you can’t tell by now, he likes to lose money.

4. His friends love him back

Despite all of the craziness that goes on with Vegas Dave’s life… he has a lot of great friends that always have his back. They tweet the funniest things about him at times, like when they make fun of his old-man-ness about the iPhone 4S and his inability to figure out Siri. They also love to help him get over his bad gambling losses… as you can see from this pic

Vegas Dave’s friend Mike has a GREAT twitter account (here) , so be sure to check that out if you want some more laughs. There are other friends and family members who have their own twitter accounts, but not all of them are worth mentioning – especially Vegas Dave’s wife – but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying them anyway.

5. His book

Vegas Dave is amazing at finding great deals, and he’s even better at hustling people for more money. His book is a complete guide to all of his gambling moves, and reveals how you can use his talents to turn the tables on those around you. You can get it right here on Amazon, and here’s a sample of the man’s amazing book “Broken Chicks and Beer Pong All Over The Table”

6. His arrest

Last year we were all shook up to hear that Vegas Dave was arrested for booking wrong while working at a casino. The charges were eventually dropped and Vegas Dave is back to betting on football or something like that. Here’s what happened, according to the police report :: Apparently Vegasy Dave booked himself in at Planet Hollywood after playing blackjack – and then neglected to have his ID ready when he did so.


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