Secrets You Will Never Know About Ken Langone House


Everyone searched for the secret locations in the Ken Langone House, but no one has ever found it. This house is an architectural marvel and has been featured on many TV shows including “Ghost Adventures.” For decades, this New Jersey mansion was shrouded in mystery. There were rumors that a secret passageway existed beneath the pool where some say there was a tunnel to yet another building which led to Manhattan. Ken Langone house is a stunning building, which has a huge collection of oil paintings and sculptures.

Another interesting fact about this house is that it has its own power plant, which helps to illuminate the entire mansion. While this is one of the most famous houses in Long Island, the owner prefers to live outside of the property. Langone still uses the mansion for different functions and all the hidden corridors are fully functional. 

The Ken Langone House is situated on a property that covers nearly 400 acres. The main entrance of this house resembles that of an old castle with stone walls and can be accessed from New York City through a private road which is 11 miles long. The art in this house includes works by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali among many other artists. Some say that President Franklin Roosevelt himself visited Ken Langone at this home and that secretly, he signed his name into healthcare reform here. There are many other fascinating stories surrounding this historical property; it’s haunting beauty only adds to its mystique and lure of discovery.

Secrets You Will Never Know About Ken Langone House :

1. Secret Passageway Goes To Manhattan

There are many things in the Ken Langone House which have not been discovered yet. One of the unknown facts is the passageway that leads to Manhattan. It’s said that this passageway was activated by a secret mechanism inside the mansion which was installed by a previous owner. In recent years, there have been reports about an underground tunnel leading to Manhattan, but it never actually materialized into reality. This secret passageway has also been referred to as “The Dragon’s Passageway.” It’s interesting that on one side of this passage, there are two niches with little statues of dragons holding shields and swords.

2. Secret to Reaching the Pool From Another House

One of the most interesting facts about this mansion is that a secret passageway goes from this house to another one which leads to another building in Manhattan. It’s said that the tunnel has its own power generator, which lights up the whole passage and shows a different level of artwork on both sides. This tunnel probably leads to an underground chamber with a huge vault. In this secret passageway there are two dragon statues holding shields and swords, which can only be seen on one side by an electric device installed by previous owners. 

The tunnel is located behind the fireplace, but it’s not visible from outside and no one knows about it. Recently, the tunnel has been discovered because of the earthquake which hit this area. In 1933, Ken Langone bought this house, which once belonged to a General named Damien Kavanagh. At that time, the mansion had been a private hospital called the “Langone Castle.” Apparently, a general had held his high-ranking position here and was known as “The Dragon of Long Island.”

3. Kennedy’s Secret Estates & Roosevelt’s Secret Signing

There are many stories about President Kennedy and President Roosevelt visiting this house in secret. The president would visit Ken Langone house on weekends or whenever he wanted to relax. At that time, Langone owned a nearby estate called “Cherry Hill.” Kennedy and his family visited many times and even celebrated Christmas over here. But the Ken Langone House was where he would come for relaxation. 

This particular ten-acre estate which belonged to Ken Langone used to be called Cherry Hill and was situated on the same route as the main mansion. It’s said that Kennedy had a large underground bunker in this house, which is still intact and well-built. At that time, he was probably gathering information about Cuba. In addition, it’s believed by many people that Roosevelt had signed his healthcare bill on this property while sitting in an underground chamber with three other men who were his advisors at that time.

4. Stalactites Found in the Ken Langone House

While walking around the house, there are many points which require special attention and to see these areas, one needs to be careful while walking because they can be slippery and dangerous. In addition, it’s said that a secret passageway is hidden in this house as well. 

According to archaeologists and scientists, they investigated the area and discovered these beautiful stalactites. The area where these stalactites are situated was once used as a prison cell for Nazi collaborators during World War II. It’s said that thousands of people were kept here in misery after they were seized by German soldiers during World War I.


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