Everything You Need to Know About Using Hollywood Tape Like a Celebrity

Hollywood Tape

Ever wondered how celebrities manage to seem so put-together all of the time? Be it on the red carpet, on a walk from the airport, or on a trip to the grocery store, their outfits are always on point. Hollywood tape, as it turns out, is the answer. It works like magic to keep garments in place on the skin and provides the illusion of a flawless fit.

Every celebrity has a roll of fashion tape in their purse or bag, and so should you, simply because it works wonders in a fashion crisis.

What Is This Tape?

Hollywood tape, also sometimes referred to as fashion tape, is a multi-purpose, multi-use double-sided tape that can help you avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

This tape is available either as a roll or as pre-cut strips, almost looking like band-aids. The former is sometimes a preferable option because it allows you to use as much or as little as you need for your outfit.

Is Regular Double-sided Tape a Good Substitute?

Regular double-sided tape isn’t the finest replacement, but it’ll get the job done.

The problem is that double-sided tape wasn’t designed to be used on the skin, so someone with sensitive skin can find it annoying. What’s more is that some double-sided tape brands may use an adhesive that sticks too tightly to your skin, which can make it painful to take off once you’re at home.

Double-sided tape doesn’t always work as well as fashion tape, and it can lose its adhesion when exposed to sweat or humidity in general.

Tips on How to Use It

Simply remove the backing from one side of the sticker and apply it firmly to the garment or skin. You need to be very careful and make sure you get it in the proper location the first time because it can’t be readily repositioned. You can also pair the tape up with some anti-static spray to reduce static cling by eliminating static electricity.

You have to keep in mind that certain brands work really well with lighter fabrics, but they may not be able to hold up heavier ones like denim. You need to find ones that work for you and your typical fashion style.

If you’re working with a heavier garment, don’t be afraid to use more than one strip of tape to get the fit just perfect and keep it that way for a long time.

When to Use It

1. To keep bra/bra straps hidden: Not every person has the right bra that goes with every single outfit. You can, however, make do with Hollywood tape by just taping the bra strap onto your skin, or you can tape your dress to your bra so that it covers it properly.

2. Stubborn lapels: Everyone has those days where their collar/lapel just isn’t cooperating, but the quick fix to this is just to tape your lapel down to your shirt to stop it from sticking up again

3. Broken Buttons: Found the perfect outfit for your evening out with your friends but it has a broken button? Well, the tape can come in really handy here. You can just tape the ends of your shirt together, and what’s even better is that you can sneakily tape your button back onto your shirt, to make it look like it was never broken.

4. Ties and scarves: It’s a windy day and the breeze is constantly making your tie or scarf fly around, making it look really awkward every time you have to place it back or hold it down till the breeze settles. Nothing to worry about though if you’ve got the tape. You can just stick your tie or scarf down to your outfit.

There is no such thing as the right use of this tape; you can be as inventive as you want and come up with your own outfit tricks and hacks. Do you want to be able to pull off any appearance for any occasion? Then this tape is just for you.


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