Is a Clear Liquid Diet as Important as Everyone Says?


Any diet that is a liquid-only diet isn’t necessarily an unhealthy one. Despite the many claims made in publications across the internet, the clear liquid diet has been widely criticized for not providing enough nutrients and its lack of success for those who actually followed it. Diet companies make a lot of money off their products and advertisements, so it makes sense that they would make these outlandish claims about liquids as opposed to something more practical like vegetables or fruits like dual efficient metabolism diet plan free. There have been no studies conducted on whether people can substitute vegetables with juices inside a liveable daily routine, but plenty of research has been done on clear liquids consumption alone.

1. Enzymes

On a clear liquid diet, one is not ingesting any enzymes from actual food, only providing their body what it needs to digest itself. Enzymes are absolutely necessary for the body to process foods, repair cells, and metabolize vitamins. Without them, the body is unable to process the food effectively and this can lead to other complications that are harmful to overall well being.

2. Nutrients

Clear liquids do not provide the body with any significant amount of nutrients that they need on a daily basis. These drinks contain no essential vitamins or minerals, only carbohydrates such as sugar or sucrose and sodium in quantities that aren’t worth worrying about.

3. Fiber

Clear liquids contain no fiber and this is a very important factor of the human diet to keep things moving and healthy. This liquid diet can cause constipation, which can lead to even further problems if left untreated.

4. Fluids

The clear liquid diet does not provide the body with enough fluids which are crucial for keeping your body in good function. Your body loses water daily through various processes from urination to sweating, so it makes sense that replacing meals with water isn’t an optimal solution for healthy living over a long period of time. Many people who have followed these diets end up getting sick due to a lack of proper hydration every day.

5. Food Cravings

The biggest problem people have with a clear liquid diet is that their body constantly craves for actual food. Without eating any solid foods, you’re going to feel unsatisfied and this can lead to more serious health risks over time as your body is unable to function properly without the essential nutrients it needs. Some people get so sick of the taste of these drinks that they end up binging on junk food, or they simply stop following the diet entirely; neither of these options are healthy alternatives and they only compound the health problems associated with this type of liquid diet.

6. Digestion

Without any solid foods, your body essentially digests itself to get the nutrients it needs. Your muscles, organs and other tissues will be broken down in order to provide your body with energy, which is not healthy or practical over time. It has been stated by various studies that a clear liquid diet can promote the growth of cancerous tissue within the body, which is obviously not something you want when dealing with the disease.

7. Ingredients

Clear liquid diets are full of artificial ingredients that can actually have a negative impact on your health. Some artificial flavors, sweeteners and preservatives found in these drinks can cause a number of harmful side effects such as hyperactivity and even DNA damage to cells. Phosphoric acid, which is a common ingredient in some of these drinks, causes kidney stones and can even lead to various cardiovascular diseases.

8. Calories

When you start getting rid of solid foods from the diet, your body does not have enough energy to function properly. Without any nutrients to provide energy for the day, your body is forced to consume its own fat and muscle tissue in order to get what it needs. This obviously can lead to serious complications later on down the road.

9. Physical Activity

What makes clear liquid diets so unhealthy are that they don’t provide the body with enough proteins; proteins are necessary for providing energy while also building healthy muscles and muscle tissue within the body. A lack of protein results in weak muscles, which in turn will reduce your overall physical activity throughout the day.

10. Unhealthy

By looking at just the ingredients, you can clearly see that clear liquid diets are not a healthy alternative to any type of traditional diet. There are no essential vitamins or minerals being ingested from these drinks, and they provide your body with absolutely nothing other than carbohydrates and sugars to keep you going for a few hours.


A clear liquid diet is unhealthy for the body and it does not provide the body with any nutrients it needs to function properly. Over time, this diet will work against you and can cause various complications that may lead to a number of diseases or other life threatening illnesses.


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