Is School Report Card as Important as Everyone Says?


Is a school report card as important as everyone says? It depends on who you ask. A lot of people will say the grades that you get at school don’t matter, while others will say they’re the most important thing. What do you think? Read on to find out!

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School Report Card: Why It Matters

In public schools, grades and other educational achievements are documented in various records that follow the student throughout their academic career, or sometimes all their life. These records are generally called “school report cards” or “transcripts.”

1. Grades are used to determine what students can do

Whether it’s a report card, transcript or another type of record, grades are important because they act as a guide for your teachers. Teachers use the grades to find out which subjects you understand the best and which ones you need more help with.

The grades also show your strengths and weaknesses, helping teachers understand which areas they need to give you more attention in. These records help teachers determine what classes you’ll be best suited for in the future.

2. Grades can get you into a good school

Your grades are only part of your overall application, but they’re still an important part. Your school will usually look at your grades in addition to other things, such as extracurriculars, essays and test scores.  However, the grades are the most important part of your application because they’re a direct reflection of your abilities.

3. Grades and other hard work can help you get into college

The grades you get in school can also help you get into more selective schools or even better colleges. They can be used to compare you with other students who went to that school.  

Statistics show that students who excel at certain subjects like math or English tend to have higher SAT scores than those who don’t have so much trouble with those classes. Your grades, GPA and test scores are also used to figure out what college you’ll get into.

4. Grades can help you get into the best colleges

Just like they’re important when applying to a school, your grades will be heavily looked at when you apply for scholarships and financial aid.  They will usually be the determining factor in how much money you get.

Your grades are also very important when looking for a job after college. High schools and colleges take note of students who have higher GPAs, since they know their chances of getting a good job afterwards are better than students with lower scores.

5. Grades help you get a good job

It’s no surprise that your grades are important when you’re deciding what kind of job you want to have. A school report card is generally seen as a crucial factor in the decision process, so many companies like to look at your transcript when hiring new employees.  It’s not just because they’d like to hire smart people, but also because they’ll pay more for them as well.

Your grades can also be important if you’re applying for graduate school. Your grades will be taken into consideration before you get accepted into a program, so they can help you make the decision on whether it’s worth getting a degree and what kind of career path will let you earn the most money.

6. Grades can be important later in life

Your grades can even help you pick your career path later in life. Many employers want to see what kind of subjects you did best in and which ones you struggled with, as this shows that you have skills for the job they’re offering.

A school report card can also help you get into a professional school, such as a medical or dental school.  Your grades are still important here because they show how well you’ve done with your previous studies, so it’s easy to see whether or not you’ll be able to handle courses that are more advanced and hard work-intensive than the ones they offer in their standard programs.

7. Grades and other school records are supposed to be kept confidential

As mentioned above, schools are supposed to keep records of their students’ grades and the different schools that they go to confidential.  One of the reasons that they do this is because they don’t want parents or relatives to get an unfair advantage in a future job or college application.  It’s also because they don’t want their students getting bad grades, getting into trouble with the law and committing a crime in the future, which can be dangerous for all involved.

8. Grades and other school records are legally protected

The last thing you should know is that school records are protected under federal law.  This means that they’re protected by the Privacy Act, which only allows people to see a grade or test results if they’ve been given permission by the student or their parents.  If the information has to do with a child’s health, it must still be reported to the authorities no matter how much personal information is written about them in grades and other records, since this could cause danger for themselves or others.

If you’re interested in more about school report cards and other educational records, check out the US Department of Education website .


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