The Best Free Online Games To Play Today

Online Games

Whether you are just dipping your toe into the world of gaming, or you are an avid gamer who is looking to expand their horizons into new genres, finding the best online games to play for free can be a great entry point. While many of the games listed below do offer some type of paid feature—whether that be cosmetic game items or upgrades—they can also be played for free. 

The list below outlines the most popular and well-regarded games that you can start playing for free online today. 


Fortnite came on the scene back in 2017, and since then it has taken the world by storm. It was developed by Epic Games and is a classic battle royale-style game. Not only does Fortnite offer some great gameplay, it has also become a strange form of cultural icon, as music events, virtual hangouts, and trailer debuts have all been hosted on the platform. 


Runescape is one of the oldest entries on this list as it was first launched in 2001. Over that time, a huge community has been built around the fantasy, multiplayer, online role-playing game. In addition, Runescape is constantly being updated with new challenges, questions, and mini-games, making it an exciting and social playing environment. 

Final Fantasy 14 

The Final Fantasy series is another long-running enterprise, and Final Fantasy 14 is one of the most popular instalments in the series. While not completely free to play, it does have a range of free options and trials available to you. If you love immersive and fantastic worlds—and great storytelling—then Final Fantasy 14 might be perfect for you.

Call of Duty: Warzone 

Call of Duty is another long-run game series, the first version of which was launched back in 2003. Many regard Call of Duty as the best of the battle royale games—and for good reason. Call of Duty: Warzone (the latest instalment in the series) is completely free to play and allows you to fight and search for loot with your friends. 

Casino Games 

When you think of the top games to play online for free, casino games are unlikely to be the first option that you think of. While the majority of online casino games do require some payment in order to play, this is not a universal rule. A website such as helps players to find the latest casino bonuses, free spins, and free chips with no deposit required—therefore helping you to play casino games online for free. 

EVE Online

 EVE Online is a space-based, persistent world, massively multiplayer online role-playing game that was developed by CCP. It consists of a highly sophisticated online world that has 7,800 star systems, where players can participate in a range of in-game professions such as mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat. The in-game worlds in this game are so sophisticated that it has a very advanced economy that is largely player-driven. This economy is so sophisticated that monthly economic reports are published for the game and symposiums are held annually. 


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