What is a Female Magician Called? – All about female magicians!


A female magician is someone who possesses the magical powers of a mage, but uses them for good. They’re generally self-taught, as there are many novices that have not studied with a formal magical instructor. 

Women have been found to be more in tune with their intuition and mental ability for centuries, which has led to some ladies being able to use their innate powers of mind control over others during times of war or oppression. 

The first recorded female magician was Houda ibn ʿAdi who used her skills in politics and leadership throughout her life.

A female magician is often just as powerful as her male counterpart.

Essentially a magic user, a male or female magician can be referred to as an “enchanter” and are able to draw upon magical powers by tapping into the “spiritual essence” within themselves. 

These powers are capable of being focused through a variety of tools such as wands, athames, runes and crystals. Modern female magicians often use their abilities to create hexes and curses to cast upon those they wish to harm or curse.

Female Magician is called “Mylady” or “My lady” but there is no specific term for a female magician.

Here are some points discussed about female magician

1. How To Become a Female Magician-

To become a female magician, one should possess the capabilities to practice magic such as-

·          Read sacred books

·          Get good practice of meditation.

·          Study of art & science.

·          Knowing your body very well.

2. Types of Female Magician in History-

Some of the famous female magicians are-

·          Houda ibn ʿAdi who used her skills in politics and leadership throughout her life. There is no doubt that she was a female magician and she is the first known example of this kind. She was considered one of the most powerful female magicians in history.

·          Penelope Bodkin was a female magician. She was one of the most famous practitioners of black magic. She used her magical powers to bring a man named “Charles Baskerville” to his death.

·          Helen Blavatsky who was regarded as the leading female magician in France after Eliphas Levi who is one of the greatest female magicians of all-time.

·          Many examples are there who used their magical powers for their self-interests in which they worked against general welfare, for example, Medea, Circe and many other sorceresses.

3. Special Powers of Female Magician-

Different female magicians have different magical powers, but they all have some common magical powers like that of a male magician.

·          Spells & Curses to influence others.

·          Power to turn good into evil and vice versa.

·          Creation of potions and spells using different ingredients.

·          Good communication skills and strong willpower.

4. Types of Female Magician-

Female magic is divided into two categories: black magic used for negative purposes and white magic used for positive purposes such as healing, love, luck etc.

·          Black Magic-

Black magic is often used by those who wish to hurt and destroy others. It is commonly used by those who are selfish and mean and have no concern for the welfare of others. 

They are usually using black magic to attract all their needs in life, but they never believe in karma and that is why they commit so many crimes against others.

·          White Magic-

White magic is often used for positive purposes like healing, love, luck etc. It can also be used for protection or influencing others via spells and curses etc.

5. Career in Female Magic-

There are many careers available in which a female magician can use magical powers, but only a few professional female magicians choose these careers.

·          Actress: A female magician can earn a lot of money from films.

·          Journalist: A good journalist can earn her living if she is capable of writing about anything, related to magic or not.

·          Businesswoman: It is the best career for women who are black marketers and involved in illegal businesses, like drugs and arms dealing etc. In this way all their ill earnings will be converted into white money, so that they will not get caught by law enforcement officers.

·          Casting Consultant: A casting consultant is like a teacher of magic and they can earn a lot by providing their services to those who are interested in learning magic.

·          Model: A beautiful woman (female magician) knows their limitations and that’s why they don’t claim to be more than that. They know that people will be interested in seeing them but not in listening to them, so they use this opportunity to earn good money.

·          Teacher: A female magician is capable of teaching people so many things related to magic and they get paid for it depending on their knowledge and capabilities.


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