Alchemist Code Tier List- Best Of This Year


It’s that time of the year again when we can look back on all the Alchemists from this past season and evaluate their tiers. 

This year is a bit more difficult because of the release of Summoner’s Rift, so I made a list for both before and after the patch. 

The bottom line is this: there are some really good Alchemists out there, but most importantly, there are plenty of choices for you to make when it comes to winning your next match.

Here are some points discussed about alchemist code tier list

1. Alchemists are too powerful:

It is true that Alchemists have some nice items like The Dark Seal, Void Stone and Paralysis Blade that can counter strong opponents. But the downside here is that there are not enough counters yet, so they remain at the top tier.

2. ADC/Support Alchemist:

With the release of Nova Kinesis and its many uses, Alchemists may be opening up their pick in mid lane. It is a lot better than where they were before because now they can look for support items such as Bumba’s Mask to get the best possible stats. 

They can also counter the mid laner by picking up a support item to get more gold from last hitting minions.

3. The low tier:

In the low tier Alchemist, there are only four suggestions for you. If you have not seen these before, then obviously you do not know a lot about Alchemists:

Kinesis release:

Ever since Kinesis was released, there has been a lot of buzz around it. Although it is pretty versatile, this Alchemist is not very strong in terms of survivability and its spells are super effective against itself in the game mode Arena of Valor. 

However, due to its versatility and the fact that its attack speed has increased by 300 points (and armor has decreased by 50), it can be picked as a mid laner without too much fuss. The problem is that its partners are not yet updated to the current time and there are still too many unanswered questions about it.


I’m sure a lot of you know this one, because he is the worst Alchemist of all time. The Pyromancer cannot last long enough to be a standard mid laner, so he will go back to the bottom tier after this Summoner’s Rift patch. 

His damage is really low and his survivability is not that good either, especially in the face of strong early game threats such as Alistar and Syndra or certain champions with long-range spells such as Kassadin or Janna. There is no point in picking up this Alchemist.


Hurricane is one of the best choices for mid laner, with really great damage output and the ability to do a lot of damage to himself with his passive skill, Hurricane. 

It may not be as good at killing as Kinesis but it can still be picked up in a situation where you want an increase in attack speed and survivability at mid lane.


Since it was totally ignored when it was released, this one has been hiding from everyone’s radar for quite some time now. 

But at level 6 onward, no one can escape from its powerful spell, silence shot that increases its range by 50%. Its biggest drawback is that it does not have the best attack speed.

The high tier:

Now we are entering the high tier Alchemist, and here are some choices for you to make when selecting your pick in mid lane:


I think most of us know what Noxia is capable of and how useful it can be in game. Although there is no standard at mid lane yet, this Alchemist can still carry out its job as a good damage dealer even if you do not have a proper build for it. It is strong in terms of attack speed and has a great silence shot, which makes it useful in many situations.


This is The Dark Seal Alchemist. It has really nice HP and attack power, so it can be picked up if you are not very worried about being harassed by the enemy mid laner. 

As far as Mid-Laners go, this Alchemist is one of the best choices after getting The Dark Seal and its Bane of the Abyss passive ability. All in all, it helps you out in several aspects of the game.

The Alchemist:

This is the Alchemist’s ultimate choice. It is similar to Void in terms of attack power, but it has a lot more skill in terms of taking better items because of its high mana cost and its many abilities. Its main advantage over Void is that it has more killing power, as well as a chance to slow down the enemy mid laner when he gets too close.


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