Conan Exiles Brick- How to make them and what are their uses?


The Conan Exiles brick is an item that allows players to build most items in the game instead of crafting. It takes longer than just creating the item from scratch or using a tier 1 tool like a stone axe, but it saves you time and money. 

There are also some other shenanigans that you can do with bricks including making buildings float, use as ammunition for your turrets, or even make electricity. 

It is definitely worth learning how to craft bricks if you can because they have so many uses and will save you time later on in the game. So what are bricks?

Bricks are one of the most important things to learn when building structures in Conan Exiles. It is an item you will use often. You can make buildings, ship upgrades, weapons, and structures floating. 

Here are some points discussed about conan exiles brick, How to make them and what are their uses-

1. How do you make bricks?

To make bricks, you need to use your tier 2 tool (stone axe) and a suitable brick mould. You will also need some kind of clay that is used to craft the brick. 

The clay needs to be in your inventory. If you want to learn how to craft the tools, and what are the tools used for in Conan Exiles, then check out this guide here on Steam forums about crafting tiers 1 and 2 tools . 

2. What is a brick mould?

Mould comes only in three stages, Beginner’s molds, Intermediate’s molds, and Advanced’s molds. You will need to craft the correct mould for your brick. The molds are located in your crafting area of your inventory. 

Once you have crafted the mould, you will place it on top of a clay bucket and right click it with your tier 2 tool (stone axe). You can also place bricks in a Clay Pile to make way faster.

3. How do I make bricks?

Where can we find bricks?

Bricks can be found in brick piles near towns and campsites. They can also be fished from rivers and lakes as well as digging out of the ground using a shovel. 

How to craft a brick?

You place the Clay Bucket on the ground and place a Brick Mould on top of it. You then need to use your Stone Axe (tier 2 tool) and right click on it. It will put 4 bricks in your inventory. You can also pick these bricks up, but only if you are holding one of your tier 2 tools. 

4. What are the uses for bricks? 

Bricks have many uses in Conan Exiles.

The main purpose of creating bricks would be to build structures with them instead of using tools like stone axes or bows. You can use them to craft buildings, upgrade your buildings, build new buildings, place turrets around your base and make those turrets shoot bricks. 

Bricks are also used to craft ammunition for many of the structures you build. Some of the structures like traps or lamps use ammo for ammo bricks. 

They can also be used for making electricity. You can make small stacks of bricks and watch how a current is made from it. 

Bricks are used in multiple ways as well, but you will need to find out more about them on your own.

5. Where to place bricks?

It is suggested that you never put any bricks inside your base. This includes under your beds, under tables and tables in the crafting area. It is also not necessary to leave 10 single bricks laying about in your base. You can stack them up for faster building, but you will want to gather them all together before placing them if you plan on leaving the base unattended.

6. Tricks with bricks

There are some interesting tricks with Conan Exiles bricks.- 

You can use these items to make floating structures and other fun stuff.

I have compiled a list of every brick trick that I have found out so far

If you want to make floating structures, then you will need a block of wood and bricks in your inventory. Then you need to right click on the block of wood and brick with your brick mould.

The wooden block will be replaced by the brick mould when it is placed on the ground.

Then all you have to do is place them where you want the structure to float. After that, you can go do whatever else like crafting more bricks or catching more fish in the river. 

You can also use this trick for making floating buildings as well without any special materials used at all. First, take wooden planks and a nail gun in your inventory.


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