How to watch the UEFA Champions League Final on Firestick?


A majority of Football leagues come to an end in May. Leagues like Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga, SerieA, and League1 will conclude this month. After waiting for almost a year, it is also time for the final of the UEFA Champions League.

The Champions League Final is the most awaited match. All the top qualifying teams lock horns for this trophy. This year the final will be between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

If you own a Firestick and want to watch it for free, this blog is for you. 

1) Stream the final with a web browser(Free)

If you want to watch this year’s final for free, the first thing that you would need to install is a VPN. You need to mask your IP address with the help of a VPN. My recommendation is Express VPN.

You can install ExpressVPN directly from Amazon App Store or install any other VPN you like. If the VPN provider does not have an application in the app store, you can also download an apk file. I recommend downloading it from their official website because that is the safest way.

After installing the VPN and connecting to the USA server, follow these steps,

  • Download and install the Amazon Silk application if you haven’t already. It is a web browser by Amazon,
  • After the browser opens, you have to accept the terms and conditions by clicking Accept Terms option,
  • would be the default browser, and you can use it for surfing,
  • Now you can open any of the given websites, and enjoy your stream:
  • Lepto Sports
  • Live Net Tv

Select the match you wish to see, and click play. If any problem occurs, you can change the location of your server(Within the USA) and try again. 

2) Stream the final with an official application(paid)

Several providers allow you to watch the UEFA Champions League, but these streams will not be free of cost. You can use any paid application as per your location and watch the UCL final. 

For example, YouTube TV is a service that allows watching the UCL. It is only available in the USA. But if you wish to use it outside the USA, you can use a VPN.

Providers like Sling TV and Fubo TV also allow you to watch the UCL but with paid subscriptions only. Install the application, find the game you wish to see, and enjoy.

You can also try to buy a free trial. These providers sometimes allow you to access the premium content for free for one or two weeks. Try to buy the free trial just before the match, if available.

3) Stream the final with free applications(free)

If you want to use a free application to stream live sports, matches, and highlights on Amazon Firestick, several options are there. You can see this list of the best applications that can give you a free access to all the content 

All the applications in this list are free, easy to install, and even easier to use. These applications are a savior for all sports lovers who want to stream and enjoy live sports without worrying about the money.

Although, there are some compromises that you have to make. They are like,

  • Ads

You can’t expect to watch something for free, even on paid applications nowadays. They also force you to buy their most premium pack to avoid all ads. So, you can also see ads while using some of the free apps. These ads pop up mostly because of a click or button that redirects you to them.

  • Quality

Some free applications even allow quality up to 4K, but some only give you an option of 480P.

  • Language

Some streams might not be available in your preferred language.

These compromises are not much to bother about because you have to do some of them in the paid applications too.


I have provided you with the three different options to watch this year’s Champions League and other live sports or highlights. You can pick any method that looks easier and enjoy your final. 

May the team you are cheering for win the final!


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