Looking for the best restaurants in Gatlinburg for a lunchtime sandwich? We have got you covered!


If you’re feeling peckish during your busy vacation, then consider heading to one of the many restaurants in Gatlinburg, TN! Fancy as a sandwich after a long hike in the Smoky Mountains? Gatlinburg has plenty to offer. If you’re looking to get some healthy food, like salads, sushi, or smoothies, Gatlinburg can easily quench your thirst and your hunger.

However, when looking for the best restaurants in Gatlinburg to help you get rid of any hunger pangs and continue exploring the nearby area, we recommend a few filling food items that are going to keep you held over until dinner. After all, you don’t want to spend the majority of your vacation stopping and eating – you want to get out and explore the beautiful nature, shops, and cultural traditions!

Close proximity

One of the main features to look for when browsing restaurants in Gatlinburg is close proximity to everything else. Do not go out of your way to drive 30 minutes to a restaurant that is on the outskirts of the town and the city limits! Instead, find a restaurant that is right in the thick of things – you can easily walk here from your hotel, cabin, or AirBnB without having to even get in your car! Not only is this good exercise, but you can check out the town on your stroll to the downtown section. 

Local food

The next thing to look for when you are browsing a restaurant in Gatlinburg is local food delicacies. What is the area famous for? Are they known for their seafood, meat, or vegetables? Find out the local cuisine in Gatlinburg and try some dishes that really live up to the local delicacies. We recommend finding a restaurant that offers fried pickles, oysters, fried cheese sticks with marinara sauce, or cheddar cheese bites for appetizers!

Slow-cooked meat

The next must-have item on the menu for restaurants in Gatlinburg should include slow-cooked meat. You need to find a restaurant that offers marinated chicken, blackened chicken, grilled salmon, prime rib, filet mignon, and custom-cut steaks! After all, you are going to be hungry after walking around all day and doing outdoor exercise – meat and protein is going to keep you fed until dinner time! 

Wine list

The next aspect to make sure you find when browsing restaurants in Gatlinburg is a wine list and beer list. Make sure you find a restaurant that offers various wines, such as medium-bodied reds, full-bodied red wines, sparkling wines, light and fruity white wines, medium to full-bodied whites, and much more! 

Dessert list

The last aspect to make sure you find when looking for restaurants in Gatlinburg is the dessert list – check out restaurants that offer hot blackberry cobblers, New York cheesecake, key lime pie, chocolate cake, and peanut butter mud pie!


Are you debating going to get lunch in Gatlinburg after an intense hike or shopping in the city center? If so, make sure you find a restaurant that offers a diverse menu, wine list, desserts, and much more! 


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