Thargoid Technology Samples.


What are thargoid technology samples?

Thargoid technology samples are classified as scrap, debris or exhausts found in various places and locations. They can be found at surface settlements, in space, and on planets. Discovering thargoid technology samples are rare but they come in different varieties – each with their own purpose and function. They will range from cylindrical prism-shaped pieces to circular structures with a dome-like top. 

Features of the game:

In the game, all you need to do is locate three pieces of thargoid technology and bring them back to a station’s technical engineer. This process is easy, especially when you play the solo Journey. Everyone else will be dependent upon your research as well. The people will be looking at you to discover what thargoid technology thinks and can do. Once you find all 3, head on over to a station’s Engineer. You should have no problem delivering them there since they are so small in size and not heavy at all (10 T on most ships).

How to play ?

There are three different types of thargoid technology samples, designated by the D-Type. The D-Type is the ship that is most commonly used to find and deliver the samples. 

The three different types of thargoid technology are: 

T – Triangular prism structure with domed top, made from ablated material. It can be found in small numbers in space (3-4), but mainly found on planets (especially Thargoids prime). It also has an additional structure at its top end, which is most likely a sensor array. This can be a very distinctive feature when trying to locate pieces of this type.

D – Rectangular crystal structure with dome-like top, made from ablated material. It is mainly found in space (5-10), but also on planets. This structure is more common than the T, but they are not as easy to locate. They can be found on the surface of planets in a large amount, and are also scattered in space (1-4).

N – Large spherical structure with dome-like top, made from ablated material. It is mainly found inside asteroids (3-4). However, you may come across some pieces that are floating freely in open space or near surface settlements. This type of technology sample is commonly called an “asteroid core”. These samples require a lot of effort to acquire because you have to destroy the asteroids in order to obtain them.

Age limit of playing the game:

How old you are doesn’t come into effect during gameplay. But, if you choose to play in-game, and you are below the age of 18, you can only play in a group with your guardian. Playing solo is recommended for younger players. The game requires a lot of interaction with other players and bots *but* only the player is affected by the events in-game. The game does have some controversial content (which has been posted on reddit) which can be turned off for those who do not wish to see it.

Advantages of the game:

The biggest advantage of thargoid technology is the element of surprise. The game will start with a group of pirates (or you) exploring a planet searching for resources, including thargoid technology samples. It’s up to you whether you should attempt to find them at all, or if you should look for something else first. But if you do find one, it would be very exciting! You’re also bound to get some valuable loot from these thargoid technology samples – they can be sold or traded off for credits in the game.

Disadvantages of the game:

The most common complaint we get is that the game takes a very long time to load. We’re working on improving this. It can take a while to load the site as there are a lot of assets to be loaded. We ask that you please be patient and it will load eventually. Another common complaint is that it takes a very long time to get in game (or, for the game to start). This is true, especially for players who are using low-powered or older computers. For most computers however (even if they are old), it only takes about 10 minutes from landing on the planet until getting into the asteroids and into deep space.

How can you find them?

While there is no guaranteed way of finding these scraps, the easiest way to locate them would be on planets where alien ship have been seen previously. These pieces can also be found on planets with a lot of surface settlements, although the latter is not guaranteed.

Near an active Thargons nest or areas where Thargoids are considerably strong. 

On rocky planet surfaces covered in ice, underground and in caves. Avoid searching for these scraps in populated human colonies – it may just be too difficult to locate them there. However, you will find them at abandoned settlements, such as those that are close to being reclaimed by the wilderness or empty military bases. Locations on planets: On planets (as mentioned before), they can be found at locations of some surface settlements and even inside of their bases (inside buildings).


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