What does LYL Stand For in texting? 6 meanings of LYL


LYL is an abbreviation for “Lots of Love” and has been used as a phrase to say goodbye since the 1930s.

LYL is short for light-years. One light-year equals the distance that light travels in one year, which is equal to about 9.5 trillion kilometers (or 5.8 trillion miles).

LYL means “little.” It is used in Japanese to refer to a child, pet or anything else that is very small.

LYL stands for like you like. It’s an expression of agreement similar to “OK” or “I get it.”

LYL means “lots of luck” and is often used when saying goodbye. For example, if you are leaving home on a business trip and your partner wishes you a good journey, it would be typical for you to reply

Do you know what does lyl mean when texting?

Here are meanings of LYL are discussed-

1. Like You Like: 

If a person likes something, he or she does not hate it, but does not like it intensely either. If a person likes you, then she also does not hate you, but does not give her full regards towards you either. 

She is just neutral about you. If your friend said to you: “Oh yeah! I’m going to Disneyland! I’m so excited!” Or maybe she said: “Yeah I’m going to Disney World tonight with Maddie and Courtney! I’m so excited!” 

Then instead of saying “Oh that’s great!” You can reply to her with the acronym ‘LYL’, meaning: “Like You Like”. This way she will know that you are happy for her or simply indifferent.

2. Lots of luck: 

To wish someone lots of luck is to wish them every success. 

If you are leaving home on a business trip and your partner wishes you a good journey, it would be typical for you to reply, “Thank you hon. Have a good day!” If she replies, “You too sweetheart! 

Lots of luck!”, then it means that she wants you to have the best trip possible, and for the whole thing to go smoothly. 

We can also say ‘Good Luck’ if we travel in general to mean that we hope everything goes well during our trip and that nothing unfortunate happens during this time where we’re not by ourselves.

3. Little One: 

To wish a child a little or infant baby a little can mean that you’re happy for their new life and that you wish them the best of luck. To say “You’re going to be so big one day!” would mean that you want them to grow up to be a big basketball player, for example. 

To wish someone “You’re going to be like my little sister someday!” would mean the same thing as “You’re going to be like my baby sister.” It means that even though they aren’t an actual sibling, they are still very close and similar in nature to you.

4. Light Years: 

To say that something is far away can mean that it is not close by, or far in the future, or it might be ages before you ever accomplish it. 

If your friend said to you, “It’s going to be a few light years away.” you would know that she is talking about something very long into the future and probably not going to happen for many years. If your mother said to you, “Mommy and Daddy are light years away.” then it would mean they aren’t home at all and won’t be home for a while.

5. Lot of Love: 

To say lots of love is to say I love you a lot, or I like you a lot, or I like something a lot. It is similar to saying “a bunch of love.” For example, if someone said to you, “I hate this movie! It’s boring!” You could reply with, “I know. A bunch of love.” 

Or maybe you’re at your grandma’s house for thanksgiving and you eat a lot and really enjoy it, so you can say: “This turkey is just full of love this year! Yum!” Or maybe you’re at school and miss your friends and you can say, “I feel like I’ve been here a bunch of love!” It means that you love being there.


There is no doubt that our favorite way of communication is texting. It seems to be the easiest, fastest and most convenient way. Moreover, it has almost replaced the use of mobile phones for communication purposes. 

With its large collection of abbreviations and acronyms, texting has created a new language. The word LYL in texting is one such abbreviation which has taken this language to a new level by creating a common ground for different regions all across the globe.


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