How To Leave Crime Places Without Being Noticed


Millions of people are being robbed, assaulted, or even murdered simply because they didn’t know how to avoid the risks. Fortunately, this post provides advice on how you can elude all types of crime. We’ll discuss what to do if you encounter a dangerous situation and provide tips on how to prevent becoming a crime statistic. The more knowledge you have about safety and security, the better-equipped you’ll be when faced with potentially perilous situations in the future. It’s a crime statistics truism that 85% of all violent crimes are committed by 3% of the population. 

There is a small group of people who commit the majority of violent crimes in society – what some call “Homicidal Sociopaths.”  Although there are many different kinds, sociopaths share in common a distorted view of the world, ADHD-like traits, and their need to feel powerful and controlling over others.  This narcissism fuels a drive to force their power on others through violence.

There are several different ways these criminals perform their acts of violence. The following are some examples: robbery, assault, rape, murder, etc. Man kills girlfriend and posts on facebook is one example of a murder and robbery. Although it’s not common, people are being robbed and murdered by strangers on the internet. Gangs, Crime Groups, Drug Cartels, and Terrorist Groups also commit violent crimes against innocent civilians.  The latest violence committed by a group of hate crime offenders was the accidental beheading of a young man in Oklahoma City by a large group of men yelling racial slurs and in support of ISIS.

How To Leave Crime Places Without Being Noticed :

1. Know Your Surroundings –

If you’re ever confronted by a dangerous situation, having the knowledge that it’s not necessary to flee (or be somewhere you don’t want to be) will help you stay calm and confident. If you’re forced to flee, your stress hormones counteract the feeling of safety that protecting a safe place gives you. Normally, your brain will alert your body to protect itself from danger through adrenaline and other neurochemicals that cause muscle tension and even heart palpitations. However, when you have little or no knowledge about the danger around you, these may not happen.  In fact, in a dangerous situation, more people are likely to panic than those who are aware of the risk.

2. Avoid Dangerous Places –

If you don’t know where a dangerous situation is, you’re less likely to be in one. What if there’s no escape from a fight or robbery? The best defense is to be aware of your surroundings and avoid places where violence could occur. If it’s dangerous, avoid it at all costs. If the area is fine, but you’re concerned about what could potentially happen (such as gang territory or drug dealers), then follow these steps:

a) Exercise –  Exercise has different benefits for different people (usually mental health and decreased risk of heart disease). However, one thing that should not be missed by anyone is the stress relief aspect.  For those with anxiety, exercise can reduce stress and anxiety to an almost complete lack of it.  The result is that you will be less likely to fear a dangerous situation and will have better chances at avoiding one. 

b) Have a Plan – Know what you’ll do in the event of an emergency or encounter with any type of violence. Having a plan in place can give you the confidence to know that whatever happens, you’ll have a plan to get yourself out or avoid it [as much as possible].

c) Keep A Weapon On You – Some people choose to carry weapons on them just in case they are threatened by a potential danger.

3. Prepare for a Dangerous Situation –

In order to be ready for any possible dangerous situation, you have to end up in one. However, the thing that’s often overlooked is mental readiness. As much as it’s important to keep your physical body safe, your mind and heart need the same attention if you want to be aware of any potential dangers so that you can avoid them. To increase your mental awareness and prepare yourself, remember these things:

a) Be Aware of your Surroundings – If you’re in a potentially unsafe area- whether it’s dangerous because of violence or not, make an effort to pay close attention to anything around you. Look for anything out of place and note where you are.  If you’re in a public place and feel uncomfortable, there’s no reason not to leave. If you’re in your own home and feel scared, there’s no shame in calling security or the police to have them check it out.

b) Take Action – This is where your plan comes into play. What will you do if something happens? If a robbery is attempted, what will you do? The more answers you have for these questions, the more confidence and safety you’ll have in a dangerous situation. When someone tries to rob or assault you, don’t just go with it- use your knowledge of self-defense to fight back!


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